Troy Philip Christman


I have been experiencing severe inner scull communication for 5 years. Torturous experiences that have caused over 7 days of sleep deprivation. I believe I was extremely damaged as a child and installed with high end surviellance equipment. I have a large dent on my head and my spine is fused to my hip so my back arches on the next disk. I believe this extreme trauma as a child caused me to be shorter than I am. 6'0"

I believe the government has placed me in situations to observe the thoughts of others using my large electrical field to draw the the thoughts and electrical waves to me.

After college I joined the Navy, and was stationed on a Trident Nuclear Missle Submarine. After 1.5 years I began experiencing my first mental problems. An extreme amount of stress and discontentment. I only went out on one 60 day mission where we had a standoff with China over North Korea in late 1993. I believe I was run out for being a Washington Spy Cat. 2 months after I was run out, Washington removed the right of the Captains to launch missles and placed the sole responsibility to the President.

This last April I had a few beers at a bar and felt a warm powerful drug pour over me. The next thing I knew I was smashing all the car windows out of a Car dealers lot in Bend Oregon. This act of course got me into jail. Now the Sheriffs department and mental health here are going through unprecedented budget and manpower cuts. I believe I was mind controlled to commit this crime to get my head around people where a cat cannot go.

My mind control problems and inner scull communication harrassement has destroyed my life. I have a negative discharge from the military, am a convicted felon and live my life in pain and fear. Please contact me if you have any advice or can help in any way.

Received 1-29-2003