Has anyone ever escaped?

One source of electronic problems was the memory reasearch center near I435 and Roe ave in leawood Kansas. Just North East of that intersection. There were 50 United States Marines on duty there, as well as a number of civilan employes. In addition they had a small underground bunker along Tomahawk creek, where 115th would be if there was a street there.

As near as I can tell the main goal was to plant false memorys in ones head. Or see how much they could do to you, and have you not remember it later.

One of the plain clothes perps was Julie Ann Boehm, of 12409 michigan Kansas City Missourie. Another was Stephen Winslow Cornwall. Another was Chris Michael. Because I have bad eyesight he (chris Michael) was able to aproach me as several different people over the years. His first character was Les Hudelston, the raper of young girls. Some years later Chris Michael the pool player. Last seen in Portland Oregon. Where Gootlieb was also last seen working in the LLoyd Center Mall as a doctor, although he pretended to be my uncle and said he owned the mall. This was after 1999.

Received 12-03-2003

The names stated here are alleged as the site manage claims no knowledge of the said people