Richard Blythe

Microwave/ultrasound harassment done for several reasons, on behalf of Magellan's Charter Hospital, which had to dissolve in 1999 because of its '60 Minutes' coverage.

Now, Magellan operates under a variety of front companies, doing clinical drug trials in orphans and other wards of the state, for the psychopharmaceutial industry.

Example in my home town of Terre Haute Indiana, Gibault School for Boys, changed name to Gibault, when former Charter doctor became medical director. It now takes in girls, and will start in January 2004 to do clinical drug trials for to treat a "talking form of autism".

This expands the definition of mental illness, and lends credence to the diagnosis as being believeable. These companies are pushing to make almost anyone be able to have a mental diagnosis.

Contact me at, be brief, we should network to develop a strategy.

The State Laws of Indiana keep secret the proceedings of committment hearings, so it makes it difficult to learn of others who have be put away due to these electronic methods.

However, I have a list of 3 other people who, via court proceedings and media coverage are likely victims:

Robert Eady, look under Federal District Courts Appeals, it relates to a dispute to a Charter Hospital billing, but mentions a ringing in the ears, as one reason to admitt him to the hospital. They mention that he slept in the family business, and so I wonder if he was looking for a place to minimize the attacks.

Ralph Torticelli (spelling error), listed on PBS Frontline story, acted normal except for claims of stalking, which then later chaged to claim of an electronic device place inside his body that beeped. It seems more like that he was mistaken, that what really was working was microwave transmissions, from two beams, converged to have a heterodyne effect in his body. He later died in a Mental Hospital, under unusual circimstances.

Richard Watson, the Capital City Shooter, when first arrested, he claimed to go to Washington, to try to stop the 'Radio Waves being beamed at me". He might very well be mentally ill, but this should not discredit his claim, since the technology exist, and according to the local sheriff from his home town, many people were glad when he finally left town.

My own account includes indications that Community Watch Groups are networking to help keep track of their victims,and are supported in their efforts by Security Firms, Protection One is one of the suspects I list.

Received 8-13-2003