Michael Blust



My name is Michael Blust and unfortunately I too suffer from the exact same harassment many of the victims on this web site speak of.

Voices in my head that I can not get rid of 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For way to long. At first the voices seemed to come from electric devices, heater/fridgerator/stereo/tv , but now that I live out in the middle of the desert that's not the case, they are from within and just use whatever background noise there is to amplify their voices. I've tried to see if distance mattered , thinking that an implant/receiver would have some range but even with a couple extra gas tanks hooked up enabling me to go 1000 miles without stopping for gas, and far exceeding the speed limit as well as the driving abilities of others, then straight through the desert near Death Valley with no luck at all. I'm not crazy, yet the few people I've told think differently.

Even my Mother thinks I should see a doctor for medication. I can't imagine another human being doing this. The mind reading alone is just beyond explanation. "Welcome to the twilight zone"

I am just a simple Joe and have never done anything mean to anyone. I've had a few problems with the law but never anything requiring a jail sentence of more than a week. Actually, I go out of my way to make others happy and really can't believe this crap is for real.

I'm positive there's a lot of people locked away in institutes and many more that have committed suicide because of this constant jabbering and the derogatory nature of everything they say.

Another victim makes statements regarding a voodoo doll which is exactly how I would best describe some of the events that have taken place during the last two years. Who would of ever thought? Just reading the other accounts helps me by knowing I'm not alone, but WE ALL NEED TO FIGURE OUT WHO AND WHY and in a hurry. Because they can be really, really annoying to say the least. I'm tending to think its not our government but Aliens that live among us or possibly even with us. I don't know and I don't think anyone else does either. Anyone that has been able to make them stop or found a way to silence them please contact me

Received 4 - 3 - 2003