Peter Field

by Peter Field

In 1989 I discovered a pin-prick scab just below the base of my skull. What ensued can only be described as nightmarish: at certain times TV screens would flicker very much as computer VDU screens do when viewed on TV news items, etc. Similarly, I too felt "out of phase."

At the time I was working in a betting office and, literally overnight, the attitude of workmates and clients alike had changed in a most unpleasant way: it was almost as though a person or persons unknown had attempted to "dig the dirt" concerning me and disseminated the results of their "research work" amongst complete strangers, irrespective of whether there was any truth in the assertions or not. This verbal and totally repetitive assault followed me virtually wherever I went within my local area of operation and seemed to be intended as some kind of backup to the physical unpleasantness I was being forced to endure as a result of what had obviously (to me) been a physical intrusion undertaken without my prior knowledge or consent by someone utilizing medical knowledge.

Since 1995 - the pin-prick scab had by then become a small, slightly protuding area of hard, wart-like skin - I have been subjected to ERF effects (popping and buzzing in ears, spasms, etc.), as well as unusual floaters in my eyes, short-term memory loss, loss of concentration and skin-crawling sensations on my scalp. I have also been harangued by voices, some of which seem pre-recorded and of bizarre, varying tonality, whereas others appear to respond in a logical or quasi-logical fashion.

Any attempt I have made to seek medical advice from British National Health Service doctors has been met with a response that can only be described as sneering. What is worse, attempts have been made to incarcerate me in a psychiatric hospital and force me accept medication.

Fortunately, I have recently won what is known in the UK as a Mental Health Review Tribunal and the medical and other bastards involved have been unable to have their way with me. In fact, I may well be able to take legal action against all concerned.

However, no one has so far admitted anything to me (over 12 years of artificial hell have gone by!) and I am now extremely wary of anyone connected to the local medical profession or so-called social services.

Do you know of any similar occurrences or human rights violations in the US or UK and could you suggest any measures I might take to remedy what I consider to be a gross insult not only to me but the whole human race? I would be most grateful for any feedback.

Yours very sincerely,
Peter Field.

P.S. I am in possession of certain official documentation regarding this affair and would be willing to share this with you, should you care to see it. I have been somewhat restrained in writing this and after the way I have been treated still feel nervous about doing so.

received 3-17-2002