Brief Account Of
Eectronic Harassment

By Tracy Givens

Web Log

My account starts just after my divorce. My ex in-laws had asked for help in destroying my life.

Since these people had done them a personal favor in the past and wanted to empress them (being long time family friends) they saw a chance. I must state that I don’t feel like my in-laws knew the nature of this when it started and probably still don’t. I also feel the agreement was to set us both up (my girlfriend at the time and myself) and destroy are lives.

After a brief time of following us around (trying to find out whom we visited and so on) they then went after my girl friend. Since they could not get to me with out help (and she was the only one close) they apparently thought by getting her under this unique form of surveillance they would be able to set me up, there by taking us both down. Because we were having problems already at the time (largely due to this) after her release from the hospital (a direct result of there actions) she returned to her mothers house.

I feel they then used her to set up people around her (with out her knowledge) possibly even her father, since they feared he would find out what really happened. What really caused his daughters near death. The fact she was un-aware of the nature of this unique surveillance made it easy for that to happen, and should anyone become suspicious, it would come back on her. I see that as a direct attempt to get her injured or worse.

When I went to work as a road driver (truck driver) that made them follow if they wanted to achieve their goal. They enlisted the help of a lot of people from this area to fill vehicles and make it look like a large group was involved. Since I was running team and could cover 1000 miles in 24 hour period they could not do it by themselves.

I had even seen my then ex-girl friend with them once in awhile. Since all my runs at the time started in Ft. Worth, Texas and I was home most weekends this made it easy to find help from this area.

During this time, I feel they set my girl friend up the first time and she did two years in a state prison. She is now finishing up a longer stay (do to them I feel). It seems that while I was away for several months they went after her a second time. They believed I would be gone for several years not months.

This whole time they have been and still are launching a massive character attack against me, in an attempt to isolate me from others and there by making it easier to hide there actions from every one, including those they have convinced to help. They do this in all kinds of ways described as street theater.

There are many reason for this kind of assault, 1. In hopes of making me mad enough to start a fight with some one that doesn’t really even know what is happing, there by going to jail for assault. 2. In the hopes I will get over whelmed by it and have some kind of break down. 3. To try making it look like I am paranoid, on drugs or just crazy.

I have been broad cast on the am/fm radio here in this area for years now. Many conversation with people I meet or speak with. 1000,s have been exposed to this in this area alone and I have no doubt that my ex girlfriend will be, if not already since she also has knowledge of them and there actions.

I feel they have set many of my friends up one way or the other. Many people around us (my ex girlfriend and my self) have gone to prison behind there actions and antics it seems.

I feel that my family, friends and neighbors (and hers) were coerced or tricked in to believing that they had to help, or in the case’s where they could not be convinced, they were pressured to help.

Although I am not happy about it, I can not blame them. They were used. I am sending this not only to people I feel they have involved, but to certain law enforcement officials as well.

A full investigation needs to be done, and this matter put to rest, as well as these people put in jail. They have no regard for the safety of others by involving them in this. At least one of the family’s involved is from Arlington, Texas and were long time family friends and neighbors of my ex in-laws.

If you have information concerning this crime being committed against my self, or others, you are encouraged to contact either your local FBI or Law enforcement office or myself with that information. What might seem like nothing to you, might in fact be something after all. Thank You.

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