Shahin Mir Mohammad Hosseini

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TO Swedish Ombudsmen
Dear Sir or Madam

My name is Shahin Mir Mohammad Hosseini a political refugee from Iran. I am studying as an International master student at Chalmers university ( ) in the Gothenburg - Sweden. As my life was in danger in Iran, I sought and got refugee in Austria as a political poet and I have residence permit there, but even in Europe I have been under pressure and organized crime, because of contracts between Iran's government and the countries which I have been to, their intelligence services have supported Iran's Islamic regime agents. (Austria - Sweden). I am under hurting surveillance, Mind and Body Control which has been increased badly recently, also I have been poisoned and my food was polluted with parasites to isolate me, because the parasites made me to have a very bad smell.

There are a few implants in my teeth, which were put in my teeth during filling them by the dentist without my knowledge; because of security services influenced the doctors. These implants are very small, and work with electromagnetic waves, thus they do not need battery. I have been to dentist and got some X-rays but these implants are not visible in x-rays. Iranian agents in Gothenburg have equipments to use these implants with sending waves, not only to do mind control, saying awful sentences and do insulting, threat me to death, but also to control/hurt some of my external and internal organs in my body, which has been very painful and is also dangerous just by doing remote control (implants + transmitters + receivers/senders). For instance they could make my hands move several times without my intention and willing and caused trouble for me with that. Also they are able with the help of such a waves and implants (which use certainly receivers and transmitters hidden around) to make me feel pain in many parts of my body like heart, head, kidneys, etc.

These waves are able to make heart attack as well. The mentioned Mind and Body Control method also enables them to contact me by talking to tempt and threat; and try to infuse me by Mind Control. They make me do things by Mind Control without my willing and control. I have been to the doctor many times, and I got certificate that I am healthy.

(certificate is attached),INFO: ( (

Recently, they have control on my muscles, feelings especially when I am not concentrated. This means, they can make almost every part of my body move. The waves which are sent by this method can intensify feelings like sadness, or happiness..., the strange thing is that with help of Mind and Body Control the agents can make feelings or conditions which sometimes change my mental situation or makes me forget everything instantly. Sometimes the head ache is so high that I can just sleep.

The above mentioned waves ( through implants ) also make me confused and dizzy and they (agents) speak to me specially laugh at me and say: now go and make complaint where ever you want/can , and also emphasis this our POWER and everyone in EU is ours (means Iranian Islamic Regime)!!! I would strongly like to emphasis that I have been under surveillance for a long time but these later mentioned methods are applied recently, so I believe the other countries security services have provided these. I have been recently to the police two times and also SAPÖ in Gothenburg-Sweden explaining the problem, but unfortunately nothing has been done to stop this hidden terrorizing violence (except taking me to hospital to visit the doctor).

As I am a student at the moment, I can not leave this place to do something more than the complaint and it is very difficult to study in such a situation.

This is an unbelievable situation and the named Iranian agents make many troubles to disturb my studies and political writings frequently, especially with sending me such waves. I have done almost every possible effort, but unfortunately it seems that there is not a willing in Swedish authorities to stop these hidden violence's and crimes. As a result of that it would be kind of you, if you could investigate this case as soon as possible. (Hopefully the soonest)

In the end, may I request for helping me to do a test in an authorized Libratory which is specialized to detect such implants (bugs) with the help of devices like spectrum analyser, because the other Laboratories denied doing so (for example I called Mr. Adel in SECURITAS several times and he promised to call me back after contacting the technicians but he didn't), probably because of intelligence services influence, even when I offered them a high payment? As I called SÄPO in Stockholm, a person told me by telephone that there are such a devices in their Lab but, I should have been introduced through another governmental body like police, but unfortunately Police denied doing so.

I have informed myself that the majority of these kinds of laboratories are under authorization of governments and therefore I could not find any to do this detection for me.

I should mention that, I found many kind and friendly people in these two countries and I respected and respect their Laws and customs, but as a student who is under such damaging waves, I can not continue my studies or very hardly.

I thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Best Regards

Shahin Mir Mohammad Hosseini
Mejerigatan 2/982
41276 Göteborg

Received 03-13-2004