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Underground cult activity in Nebraska


I need to get my story out, and I don't dare tell anyone in my city, even my T at this point. The cult I was recruited into has killed innocent people to protect their secrets. They have let me go in return for my silence. I have cult-loyal alters, but they also know that I have powerful alters who will protect ME.

In fact, my last "relationship" was someone who tried to access my alters. And, I have had various contacts try to access them from time to time. But, we have sent a clear message to them that we are not coming back. However, the price for that is that I keep quiet; or else I disappear. (Not without a fight, though.)

Anyway, there are underground catacombs under a certain area of my city, because that area has been preserved for its historical value. And, when the new sewer system was built, the old system was cut off and built around. So, when I say "underground", I mean in more ways than the figuarative.

My alters have been involved in drugs and prostitution in connection with this cult. Basically, we agreed to prostitution in return for drugs we couldn't afford in any other way.

They have also been involved in rituals involved in rituals in which people who stumbled on the hidden caverns were killed. They have also participated in drug deals for the cult members.

Most of these memories came back while in our "relationship". They're only snippets of memory, but enough that I know that there is more.

I'm glad I was able to get this out.

Received 02-05-2004