I am not feeling well today my symptoms are indicative of electromagnetics maybe it is high in the environment for some reason today. Well it seemed to start not long after I left my ex in 1995 I am going to be brief because I am wiped out today.

First a Victoria's Secret magazine was left on my very private patio I had a porch swing which I found the magazine on I noticed the name to whom it had been addressed was carefully cut out. I thought oh well someone decided to use my swing to read maybe then a while later at the same apartment someone left a sexually explicit book on my swing this time I felt someone was leaving these items on purpose. Well I started seeing a man that lived in the same project and these things stopped After about six months we the affair ended. Then some erotic mail came to me thorough the mail addressed to me by and I called the company and asked them why they sent the mail to me they said someone ordered it using my name I told them not to send anymore and that I did not order the stuff. So after a while I moved back into my house nothing unusual happened for a while . Then my ex found out about the affair with the man I had while we aware separated and I moved in with my younger sister for a while,then I moved to an apartment to live by myself and harassing phone calls started they would say John call Robert or Robert call John my ex's name i s John my exlover is named Rob. Then one day I was going to my hair stylist ( I have only two minutes I will send the rest in another email

the day I was going to the hair stylist the only thing I did was pick up my mail and open an envelope then I brushed my hair an laid my brush in the envelope instead of putting back in my purse when I got to the stylists I brushed my hair again and something hurt so much that it stung my skin and my head just shook for a couple of seconds my stylist said it stung her skin she wet my hair and it was ok. Then I decided to move back into my house one night I was walking my dog and was a block a half away a vehicle pulled up very close to me and I felt as if I had been stunned on the head I thought I was going to pass out however I did not the pain lasted approximately 45 minutes. ( oh by the way after the stuff that got in my hair my ex even noticed the change in my face it was around the mouth he said I looked like I had false teeth.) ( another note : when I called the numbers that showed on my caller ID concerning the prank calls the people would say they did not call me so I called the phone company and they told me someone could forward their number to those people's number and then call and the number that would show on the caller id would be the number that the person forwarded their number to. ) In between the last time I moved back into my house I had met a man from the internet and had coffee with him after I got back home I was on the phone talking to this man and voom something felt like a motor staring all of sudden in my body and I was in pain for at least an hour.

One thing I forgot to mention in my account is that one night I talked to my sister on the phone about how I felt about getting older the next day I went to work under the counter at my work station I found a notebook with word for word my part of the conversation written it.

Since I have submitted my account and have talked to some people that appear to have symptoms of electromagnetic overcharge I am getting more ill and it is very indicative of electromagnetics. When I first moved here a year ago I was shocked a few times and so was my bird and a nine year old little girl had stings on her face and I have experienced forced jaw movement on several occasions. I have also when not under stress felt as if I were being pulled my heave gravitation or something and have had migraines which are getting extremely bad. On occasions I have felt shocks and pains in my home and when I wash the walls or the ceiling it gets worse for a brief while instead of better. One time someone sprayed pesticide in my home while I was gone I do not use dew to allergies, a friend stopped by that evening and it was so strong he could smell it. A lady and I are trying to EPA to check the area for gas leaks and some people do not want this. So I do not know if these recent events are a continuation of the other problems or environmental or the Oil people not wanting to clean up the leaks.