Daniel Thomas Diehl

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1st noticed constant high pitch tone around 5/2001.

Associated with Ultraviolet infrared. Then something I think is Lightsource. Must have been used in conjunction with a high powered laser. I would put a blanket over my window and the sunlight would grow more intense. So I took 1/2" thick glass (desktop) and laid it along the window, then put the blanket up. This pissed them off because it worked, for my bedroom. I later discovered this light beam was coming through other windows when I tried to cover them. I noticed something was manipulating the street light. (laser) I moved.

At my new place I started filming with a camcorder. I could pick up a handful of red dots, the type you'd see with a toy laser. I made no sense of these. One day I got lucky and happened to pause the playback tape, then I could see electro-magnetic/rf/microwave pulses. But after playing the tape back a few times. They would vanish. I thought I surely must have gone loony.

Then I discovered an interesting technology on the web. Which has disappeared completely. It's a form of editing at lightning speed, called mix/match. They can virtually erase any object on VHS just by adding more red/blue/or green, so fast I was baffled. They can't do it when it's paused or not played. and if you camcorder a high(regular)speed, then while playing the tape back.

Record the playback at slow speed, continuously hitting pause on the playback tape. Take the slow speed version, wrap it in tinfoil (as I've had entire tapes erased by what I believe was x-ray) box, seal and date them. Keep as many copies with as many friends who will hold them untouched for future class action lawsuits.

As I feel we're all being murdered....slowly. Try not to tell your friends what they are, they'll think your nuts and might toss them.

While recording I caught on tape multiple, at least 30...u.a.v. craft? possibly low altitude satellites this is interesting. They appear often hiding behind clouds on a clear day they can turn blue with the sky but you can still see them. Every time you look at them they move across the sky at lightning speed, they can change shape, grow enormous. This is why I'm convinced they are holograms.

On a plane flight to Chicago the dam things kept up with a 550 m.p.h. American airliner. This makes sense of on of your posters claims they see through our own eyes.

Because they move to avoid you noticing them when you look to the sky. they're not using implants what they have, that I caught on tape is something called facial recognition technology. That's what all these pulses are doing they reflect off of my eyeballs, a scar on my face, and my throat for some reason, kidneys and liver as well.

To get the clear view of what I'm talking about point the camera at a mirror that captures the reflection of another mirror that your looking into (your face). They also attack us from the TV. set, monitors, and I captured a yellowish beam bouncing off the lens of an open CD player unplugged. Which most likely means they use a type of infrared, and your remote controls, are probably hazardous to our health. I can take a remote and point it anywhere in my room and it will change the channel. I remember the good old days when I'd have to aim it at the TV.

Back to lightsource, this scared the hell out of me. While viewing one of my unhacked tapes I watched frame by frame a burst of light leave a standard florescent lamp bulb looking like a cloud as it got sucked up the ac/heater vent.

Standard coaxial cable around my waste deterred the "shocks" I call them, from hitting my body. This became and embarrassing hassle in day to day life, so I now just have a 50'er wrapped around my mattress. As we're attacked most in our sleep. I also heard white noise works well. (a fan) so now I sleep with a noisy fan on. They'll hack into your computers. Destroyed 3 of mine. They can hack by infrared or RF so staying offline doesn't help.

my conclusion

By way of satellite and virtual reality controllers, holograms and lightsource which must be for audio. We are monitored 24/7, and will die from overexposure.

How to fight back. Collect evidence. Because they can't hide this forever. look only 1 guy Tom Conex ... tomconex@aol.com knew of this when it began happening to me. Now look at us all and we're just the smart ones who figured it out. I'm sure there are 1,000 num-nuts for every one of us.

Then one day some mudslinger running for office, will spill the beans, and several opportunistic lawyers will level several million lawsuits. Personally I'll be waiting for the persons responsible for my demise with the full wrath of God. For it is murder, and I will ask for that eye for mine. Forgiveness I give to the temper. Cold calculated murder brings forth the fury of God. Your fucking money your power means nothing. You'll die 1,000 times that day. and I will lay upon those a 7 generation curse, upon the unborn souls of your family wombs. I had this vision and I'm no seer. A terrible anger.

So keep your damm chin up. I die smiling.

Received 09-06-2003