Mike Gadbaw
Escape From MK-ULTRA

By J B Campbell

This is an update of the Mike Gadbaw story which appeared on September 11, 2002.  Mike was a friend of Timothy McVeigh and until recently lived in the McVeigh house near Kingman, Arizona.  He appears to have been maneuvered by elements of the US government to behave in a certain, controlled manner.  He has suffered in his attempt to break free of this mind-control.

The reader may wish to revisit the article, found on Rumor Mill News http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=24470, at or Here http://www.apfn.org/apfn/okc-911.htm and Here and elsewhere.  

Although Mike remains free, he has undergone a number of disturbing experiences since the story appeared.  His rescuer, Robbi Borjeson, MD, has experienced some unpleasantness as well in her efforts to keep him out of the hands of the Veterans Administration.  That was later.  

For economic reasons, however, Dr. Borjeson originally felt Mike needed to be near the VA in Prescott, Arizona so as to obtain his free medication for seizures, namely Phenobarbital and Dilantin.  The reader will remember that Mike´s seizures originated in the MK-Ultra program at the University of Minnesota sometime after his naval service during the Vietnam War.

The first article ended with Dr. Borjeson leading Mike away from Kingman, Arizona to the Navajo reservation near Window Rock.  She felt that he could hide out there for a while and be protected by her friends there.  This turned out not to be true and Mike had to move on.  The Navajos were not friendly or sympathetic with Mike´s plight.  He also told us that he felt helplessly drawn back to Kingman.  This would remain a struggle to the present day.

It must be understood that Mike has been mentally institutionalized for around twenty-five years, since his three-month brainwashing session at the University of Minnesota sometime around 1978.  The VA has controlled him with medication and a monthly stipend, plus a Social Security check.  His goal is to become independent of the Veterans Administration.  But in all these years Mike has been essentially house-bound and immobilized.  I helped him buy a vehicle and he pretty much had to re-learn how to drive.  His friends were stunned to learn that he could drive a car.

He made his way back to Kingman, meandering around, visiting three small lakes – Munds, Indian and Groom – in central Arizona.  He said that the names of these obscure lakes triggered something in his mind.

During this time his ATM card became useless except as a credit card.  But he could not obtain cash with it despite sufficient funds in his account.  Dr. Borjeson accompanied him to Mojave Federal Credit Union to assist with his problem.  The MFCU official replied that he had made “too many withdrawals on his ATM card,’ and, according to new guidelines of the USA PATRIOT Act, he was required to have a permanent address.  The credit union somehow knew that Mike had not been living in the Tim McVeigh house in Golden Valley for the last two months.  The official cited Section 326 of the PATRIOT Act.

Dr. Borjeson asked the official if she had a copy of Section 326?  She said no and became upset, turning the matter over to her supervisor.  Mike told this woman that he was going to close his account.  She responded that Mike´s VA check would be returned and he would have to make other arrangements to receive it.

Mike would find in the months to come that his Social Security number would apparently be a red flag to employers, and steady employment would be difficult to obtain, although he would find temporary labor jobs.

Dr. Borjeson led Mike to Prescott to find a job and a place to live and, as mentioned, to continue to receive his VA-subsidized medication.  She warned Mike not to talk with anyone but just renew his prescription and get out.  Her fear was that Mike would somehow be lured back into some sort of mind control program.  Mike was very skeptical regarding her warning but was somewhat nervous about losing his monthly stipend.  Dr. Borjeson assured him that it could not be taken away from him.

Mike´s nervousness was over his failure to visit the Prescott VA for about a year and the doctors there labeling him as “defiant.’ That visit was caused by a “stroke’ he´d allegedly suffered at the time of Tim McVeigh´s execution.  But his treatment for “stroke’ did not include any special medication such as Warfarin or Coumadin blood thinners.  Robbi Borjeson notes that Mike has neither a history of irregular pulse nor high blood pressure, the common causes of stroke.  Based on the experiences in Golden Valley of Dr. Borjeson and Mike, as well as this writer, it is likely that Mike had been felled by a microwave attack.  He was kept there for a week but got no new medication for stroke.  He was not examined by his neurologist during this time.

Mike told us that his medical and service records are for some reason not available.  He said that his former private doctor in Kingman, a Dr. Lee, told him that his medical records were not obtainable from the Veterans Administration.  Dr. Lee´s whereabouts are unknown now.  He said that Tom Murray at the Kingman Disabled American Veterans office told Mike that his service records had, in some way, been destroyed in Quantico, Virginia.  However, Mr. Murray informed me recently that Mike´s records could be obtained through the VA regional office in Phoenix.  Mr. Murray categorized Mike as “seizure disorder, house-bound.’  Apparently Dr. Borjeson and Mike have at least discounted this category.  It was Tom Murray who introduced Mike to Tim McVeigh.

By early December, 2002 Dr. Borjeson and I were trying to persuade Mike to leave Prescott.  He was examined by the VA´s “Red Team’ on the 5th.   Dr. Borjeson advised him not to submit to this examination but he ignored her.  He said he would be fine.  But at the end of the day on the 5th he called Dr. Borjeson and said he couldn´t remember a thing that had happened that day.  “You didn´t have the EEG, did you?’  He answered that he couldn´t remember and that he was quite frightened.  He´d been there the whole day but could describe nothing that had happened to him.

Dr. Borjeson drove to Prescott from Phoenix on the 9th to check on his condition.  At the American Suites motel, while she was there, Mike was apparently microwaved when he went out to his vehicle.  He came back to the room with his abdomen hard and painfully distended, with angry lesions on his abdomen and thighs.

* * *

The lesions are indicative of microwave assault.  Mike has believed for a number of years that he was a victim of Agent Orange and that the lesions were a result of that kind of poisoning.  But he was never exposed to Agent Orange as a sailor on the USS Rowan.  Apparently the VA has let him believe that these lesions are the result of exposure to Dioxin when in fact they are proof of severe microwave exposure.  The same explanation has been given for his peripheral neuropathy.  This is the sort of false memory that we have discovered since the article of 2002 was written.  There are others.

Mike believed that he was a member of Special Forces, or in his case, the Navy SEALs.  He was in fact an ordinary seaman specializing in fire fighting.  He has an apparently false but vivid memory of being detailed to the US Embassy in Saigon in the last days of the war to help evacuate personnel.  He feels so guilty about seeing Vietnamese friendlies being shot off the embassy fence that he refused to pick up his Purple Heart award.  But according to the historian of the USS Rowan, no personnel took part in the evacuation other than to stand by offshore with the dozens of other ships of the rescue fleet.  The Rowan, a destroyer (DD782), was protecting the carrier which was taking on escaping American and Vietnamese personnel flown out in helicopters.

It is not clear how Mike could have earned a Purple Heart.

Mike told us about his furniture – his former furniture – which adorned the former house of Tim McVeigh.  “This place was really nice before I got rid of my antique furniture…’  He showed us pictures of it.  He´d told me, rather sheepishly, that he´d sold the furniture so he could buy his guns.  But the guns were just cheap junk, a couple of SKS rifles and a crummy single-shot 12 gauge.  Eventually Dr. Borjeson asked him what made him sell his lovely furniture, of which he was still quite proud?  He looked at her and said, “…I don´t know why I sold it…’  He was totally baffled as to why he would get rid of his proudest possessions.  He admitted that no one in Kingman knew why his personality had changed so dramatically; why he would sell his beautiful furniture and buy cheap guns and so much ammunition.  It was a mystery to him as well, now that he thought about it.  

Dr. Borjeson asked him how he´d come to be living in Timothy McVeigh´s adobe house?  He didn´t answer the question ‘til the following morning, when he said, “The answer to your question is, I don´t remember.’  He added, “And then I got rid of my furniture and started collecting guns and ammo.’  That he couldn´t remember the reasons for these things frightened him, and he wondered if there were other things he couldn´t remember?

Perhaps the most remarkable false memory has to do with “Trailerman,’  He is the man described in the original story as the one who approached Mike and his friend Frank as they were shooting one day.  He drove up and claimed that their bullets had come near him and his family, despite Mike´s thinking that he came from a direction opposite where they had been shooting.

Mike says the man was towing a fifth-wheel trailer.  He also told them that he had his wife and four daughters with him but they were not visible at the time.  

In fact, Mike had called me in Las Vegas that evening and described the incident, asking me whether he should invite the man and his family to park their trailer in front of his house, and did I think he could be a cop or fed?  The call took me by surprise and I said that if the man had his family with him that he was probably not a cop.  I didn´t really understand what was going on.  Mike added that the trailer had a number of television monitors in it and that the man was monitoring al-Jazeera television via a satellite dish on top of the trailer.  This made no sense to me.

The next day Mike called to say that the man had appeared in his front yard that morning and knocked on the door.  Mike invited him in and offered him coffee.  The two sat and talked about guns and the patriot movement in Kingman and Golden Valley.  He said he´d come down from the north to join the patriot movement.  Puzzled, Mike asked, “What patriot movement?’  He said that he´d asked the man to leave.

I asked Mike if he had told the man his address?  He said that he had not and didn´t know how the man found him.

Jump forward to February of this year:  Mike called from Prescott to talk about his experiences.  At some point he brought up the incident with “Trailerman.’  I asked him to tell me the story again.  This time he startled me with the following…  “The guy was knocking on my door and I saw who it was.  I let him in and gave him some coffee.  He wanted to talk about guns and the patriot movement…  We sat there at my table and talked for a half-hour or so… The next thing I knew, I was waking up on the floor, nude, in front of the fireplace.  I never sleep in the nude, so I didn´t understand what had happened.  I thought maybe I´d had a seizure or something, and I put some pants on and went into the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror.  My jaw and chest muscles weren´t sore, as they are after I´ve had a seizure, and then I noticed this scar on my chest, up high on my left clavicle…  It´s still there, it´s white and under it is something hard, about the size of a grain of rice…’

I said, “Mike, how come you let him in?’

“What do you mean?’

“The first few times I came to see you, you hardly wanted to let me in.  If it hadn´t been for Dr. Borjeson being with me the first time, I doubt you would have.  So, why´d you let this stranger in so easily?’

He thought for a bit and finally said, “Yeah, that´s right… I don´t know why I let him in that way…’

About ten minutes later I asked him to tell me about the visit again.  He said, “Like I said, it was weird… I woke up on the floor in the nude and I have no idea how I got there.  I woke up to this loud knocking on the door.  My pants were on the chair so I put them on and answered the door.  The guy with the trailer was there and I let him in.  I asked him if he wanted some coffee and he said yeah.  And we sat there, drinking coffee, and he started talking about guns and FEMA and my politics and the local patriot movement and how he´d like to join up with them.  I didn´t know what he was talking about and said, “What patriot movement?’  After a little while, I asked him to leave.  And then I went into the bathroom to shave and noticed this new scar on my chest…’

After a bit I asked Mike, “So, which one is it?’

He said, “Which one what?’

“Which version of the visit was it?  Did you wake up nude on the floor before or after his visit?  You´ve just told me both ways in about fifteen minutes.’

“No, I didn´t.’

So I repeated both versions to him, to his great consternation and confusion.  He didn´t know which one to stick with.  Then he said, “I saw the guy at Patty´s store a couple of times after that, when I was shopping.’

“What happened when you saw him?’


“Did you speak with him?’


“How come?’

“What do you mean?’

“Did you wave to him or jerk your chin at him or anything?’


“You mean you didn´t acknowledge him at all?’


“Don´t you think that´s kinda strange?’

“I just had this feeling, like we had an agreement, not to acknowledge each other.  He was just standing there and looked at me kinda hard.  It was like a silent communication.’
“What´d he look like?’

“About my size and build, clean-cut, jeans and t-shirt, baseball cap, wire-rim glasses…  He said he was from Wyoming but he was wearing deck shoes… He sounded like he was from the East Coast.’

“Okay… Tell me about the trailer.’

“What about it?’

“Where did you look at it?  At the land-fill when he drove up on you and Frank, or in front of your house the next day?’

“…I can´t remember…’

“You can´t remember where you saw it?’


“Why do you suppose that is?’

“That I can´t remember it?’

“Yeah.  Did you really ever see the inside of his trailer with the monitors and al-Jazeera and his wife and daughters?’

“I just know that I saw it…’

“Do you remember actually entering it?  Going up the step and getting into it?  And where it was parked at the time?’

“No, I can´t remember that.’

“And when you see this guy who has been so chummy with you, showing you his trailer and talking about politics and guns and all, when you see him in the store – twice – you ignore him…’

“Well, like I said, I just felt like I was supposed to ignore him.’

“You know what, Mike?  You met the guy who´s running you.  Trailerman is your control.’

* * *

When Dr. Borjeson had been microwaved at Mike´s (McVeigh´s) house in Golden Valley (31 August, 2002), Mike had suggested that she take a cold shower to try and cool down her sudden fever and reduce her suddenly bloated stomach.  This had given immense relief for her so she suggested that Mike take a cold shower to cool his body down after he walked in with his suddenly distended, painful stomach.  Mike had vomited the first time the night that he and Dr. Borjeson were microwaved in Golden Valley.  This night (9 December,2002), in Prescott, Mike vomited again, so bad was the effect of the microwaves this time.  The symptoms stayed with him ‘til the following morning.

They moved to a Motel 6.  Dr. Borjeson bought two NASA space blankets which have one shiny, metallic side that reflects microwaves.  In the middle of the night Dr. Borjeson awoke to the feel of an electric charge raising the hairs on her arm, which was not covered by the space blanket.  When she pulled her arm under it, the feeling disappeared.  Mike awoke and got out of his sleeping bag to go outside and check on his truck.  When he re-entered the room he was breathless and nauseated, again with a bloated stomach.  He didn´t reveal this to Dr. Borjeson until the following morning, at which time she checked him and found that his lesions had grown and turned white, a symptom of having been microwaved.

Mike had developed a contrary, somewhat obstinate, attitude to Dr. Borjeson´s warnings, despite his unpleasant experiences.  His denial of reality may have been a symptom of his controlled mind.  He could accept the reality in real time but refused to accept the big picture of his being mind-controlled and physically controlled by microwaves.

It was only the next day, for example, that Mike admitted that a green van which was parked near them at the American Suites motel was also parked near them at Motel 6.   Dr. Borjeson realized that her presence near him was getting them both zapped repeatedly and decided to leave Prescott.  She attempted repeatedly to persuade Mike to leave Prescott for another town for his own protection but he seemed immobilized.  He said that he felt controlled and that he was trying his best but that he couldn´t leave Prescott.

Dr. Borjeson returned to Phoenix to recover from her latest nerve-wracking experience with Mike Gadbaw.  She had warned him not to go back to the VA in Prescott under any circumstances.  He had told her of his idea to stay in that hospital for a few days (rent-free) until his VA and SS checks arrived.

Mike phoned me with the same idea, that he wanted to stay at the VA for a few days until his checks arrived at his new post box.  I told him that that was lunacy, that he could not scam the VA in this manner, that he might well disappear.  He told me not to worry about it, that he would be fine there.

While still in Golden Valley last summer, Mike had mentioned that his VA doctors, Gray (psychiatrist) and Bryan (neurologist) wanted him to check into something called “Hillside,’ which sounded like a rehab or treatment program of some kind.  He said they also wanted him to have brain surgery to remove some scar tissue.  Dr. Borjeson asked then why they recommended such a procedure – had he experienced uncontrollable seizures?  He said, no, he hadn´t.  In short, Mike had had no intention of checking into “Hillside’ in the summer of ´02.  We didn´t know exactly what or where “Hillside’ was.

Despite our warnings, Mike knew better and made arrangements to stay at the VA but quickly found that the VA wanted him to stay longer than just a few days.  In fact, they had in mind a three-month program for him.  Mike was maneuvered into signing papers which committed him to some rather intensive treatment which forbade him from seeing any other doctor during the three months   He was instructed to give up his post box and to receive his mail at the VA box (#13), for which he was given a key.  A parking permit was issued as well.  He would not be allowed any visitors.  He would be allowed to make phone calls but not to receive any calls.  There would be no unauthorized straying from the VA grounds.  He was not to tell anyone that he was at the Prescott VA.

Mike had mentioned that he needed to remain in contact with his doctor, Robbi Borjeson, and was curtly told that “You cannot obtain unauthorized medical care.’

During the signing-in process Mike learned his program was termed “PAC OPS 89.’  Barbara Gonzales is the Patient Advocate at the VA.  Mike approached her for advice regarding this strange program.  She noted his address and remarked that it was Tim McVeigh´s address.  She said that she remembered him, that he, too, had been in the program and that McVeigh had been “very polite.’  On her computer screen he saw the notation that his condition was that “the government is after him.’  Mike says that he´s never told anyone that the government is after him.  However, the article which appeared last September 11, by this writer, certainly accused elements of the US government of abusing Mike Gadbaw.  Presumably this was the cause of the government´s need to bring him in for a tune-up.

His treatment would be “Comprehensive, intensive psycho-neuro-, psycho-social rehabilitation.’  The diagnosis was “Delusions that the government is after him.’  Once the program was started Mike would not be allowed to quit.  His new home would be “the Dommissary,’ presumably a hybrid of commissary and domicile, inside the VA hospital.

Mike foolishly signed the paperwork which legally committed him to the three-month program while he still thought he could just stay there for a week or so.  He was instructed to go to Mailboxes, Etc and to shut down his box there.  He did leave the VA grounds but never went back.  Frightened, he called Robbi and told her that she and this writer were correct and that he never should have tried to check into the VA, recounting the scenario he´d experienced.  It is apparent to us that if this were a genuine program of rehabilitation that the utter isolation and high security described above would not be justified, nor would the shutting down of his private mail box be required.  It is apparent that Mike would simply disappear if he went along with the program.

Still needing a place to stay until his VA and SS checks arrived, Mike checked into Prescott´s shelter for the homeless in early January.  This is where he met the supervisor, Joe, who is a former member of Special Forces.  After the ten o´clock lights-out, Joe took Mike upstairs and they chatted for a couple of hours.  Joe mentioned that he had known Tim McVeigh, who had stayed at the shelter. Ken Vardon´s American Patriot Friends´ Network (APFN) website, on which the original story first appeared, was mentioned and Joe said that he not only had no respect for but loathed APFN.  Joe cultivates the appearance of an outlaw biker.  Mike doesn´t say how the subjects of McVeigh and APFN came up but he probably initiated them.  He does not bring up McVeigh ordinarily and he certainly did not mention him at the VA.

Mike received the news in mid-February that his father had suffered a heart attack and he was asked to come home to Kingman.  Mike had been angry with Robbi and me for persuading him to leave the McVeigh house in Kingman and had not checked in for a couple of weeks.  We were encouraging him to find a job and become independent for the first time in his life and he was resisting this idea.  But he did call Robbi to ask about the cardiac medication his father was receiving.  His father is a doctor and has been very disapproving of Mike´s lifestyle and of his friendship with Robbi and me.  He called us both terrorists.  Mike´s grandmother did meet Robbi and tried to reassure her son, Dr. Gadbaw, that she was a good and caring person.

Mike and his father did not get along.  Nevertheless Mike did want to help in the emergency.  In addition, his father and stepmother were somewhat frantically moving away from Kingman for Montana or to get a trailer and live on the road.  The father´s heart attack may have been brought on by the sudden need to leave town.  Robbi suspects that Dr. Gadbaw did not have a myocardial event because within days he was preparing to leave for Oregon to buy a house trailer.

I had given my Dachshund, Jackie, to Mike for company.  He likes animals very much and has been devoted to Jackie for the past year or so.  Soon after Dr. Gadbaw´s release from the Kingman hospital he confronted Mike and told him that he would have to turn Jackie over to him, that he could no longer keep him and if Mike tried to leave with Jackie he would call the sheriff!  Mike desperately called Robbi for advice and she told him that Jackie was his dog and that his father was bluffing, but exactly why she didn´t know.  

Dr. Gadbaw and his wife left for a ten-day trip to Oregon and invited Mike to stay at their house while they were gone.  Mike declined but his grandmother persuaded him to find another Dachshund for Dr. Gadbaw.  Mike found one and when his father returned after just three days – without a trailer – he presented the dog to him.  Dr. Gadbaw became enraged and drop-kicked the little dog out into the street, whereupon it ran screaming into the night.  Horrified and speechless, Mike went out to get in his car to leave.  His father followed him and reached through the open driver´s window and clawed him around the throat, drawing blood with his fingernails.  Mike simply drove away from the demented man, vowing to himself never to associate with his father again.

Robbi heard about this right after the event.  She surmised that the doctor or someone figured that Jackie represented some sort of influence by the two of us over Mike, that he didn´t care about the dog except that it had to be removed so that the VA could assume its rightful control over Mike.  When Mike called me I had the unfortunate duty to ask him if he´d ever seen The Manchurian Candidate?  “I´m afraid your father may be one of your controllers, along with Trailerman.’

Mike needed to get away from Kingman.  Appalled at his father´s treachery, puzzled by his (and McVeigh´s) landlady´s offer to move back into the primitive, microwaved adobe on Hunt Road (“The house is still yours.’), he made his way back to Prescott because that´s where his checks would be mailed.  Robbi and I were in Las Vegas and were speaking with him several times a week, encouraging him to get a job and stop depending on the VA and SS checks, which amounted only to a thousand dollars a month.  We wanted him to become independent and strong, but this was a tall order for someone who had become virtually institutionalized by the VA doctors, diagnosed as “seizure disorder – house-bound,’ coupled with the new category of disease:  “Delusions that the government is after him.’  Robbi saw that Prescott was not the place for him now that he had violated the agreement he had signed to enter the three-month program.  We both feared he could literally be picked up and taken to the VA so we encouraged him to relocate to Payson, where Robbi had found living quarters for him.  But he was resisting her encouragement to find work.

He was lonely and in search of some camaraderie.  He hooked up with a peace group in Prescott known as “Women in Black.’  It was in this group that something happened to Mike that shook him severely.  It scared him so badly that he left town and went to Payson.  He told us that he could not talk about it over the phone, and didn´t until the other day.  Mike was being surveilled and he was trying to get away from it.

At a campground near Payson Mike brewed coffee over a fire.  A man approached him, “hillbilly type, with a long beard.’  The man was curious about Mike and asked what he was doing?  “Camping, looking for a job.’  Mike gave him coffee and they talked about the area, the people and job prospects.

Two weeks later, Mike was low on money and gas, which was over two dollars a gallon, and he decided to park in the Payson airport parking lot.  A security man on an ATV drove up quickly, checked his license plate and asked Mike why he was there?  Mike told him he was resting there and was it against the law?  The man drove away but within minutes three pickup trucks drove up.  Out of one jumped the Hillbilly, who rushed up to Mike´s car and greeted him.  Only the Hillbilly didn´t have his long beard anymore.  He was now well-groomed with a very short beard.  The others, dressed in camouflage, also got out and soon they and Mike were talking about the increased security alert at the local power plant, Palo Verde.  They didn´t mention why they were all driving around but Mike was not bothered by the security anymore.  He made coffee for everyone and soon the conversation turned to the Art Bell radio program and more specifically remote viewing.

Mike´s opinion was that remote viewing was evil.  The Hillbilly disagreed and said that large corporations were actively searching for genuine remote viewers and would Mike be interested?  We don´t know yet how Mike answered, but considering his need for a job, he may have indicated some interest.  Obviously this attention alarmed him but the prospect of a corporate job was attractive.  But – was it just another VA trick?

Mike had some dental problems stemming from the VA´s seizure medication over the many years (Dilantin causes gingival hyperplasia).  One of the Women in Black had told him of a dentist in Prescott so he reluctantly made his way back there to see Dr. Robert Carlucci for treatment.  

Two days after having two teeth pulled,  Mike called to say that he´d been at Yavapi Hospital the whole day and he didn´t know how he got there.  He didn´t remember going there or anything else up to his discharge from the hospital minutes before calling.  He had total amnesia regarding this hospital visit just as he had experienced at the VA in December, and just as he had experienced regarding the visit of Trailerman the previous summer.  He said that he´d been treated for a seizure but there were no telltale signs of one, such as a cut tongue, bruising or muscle soreness.  And he´d been taking his seizure medication which would have prevented such a thing anyway.

It is my opinion that Mike had been hypnotized and delivered to Yavapi Hospital, probably by the Hillbilly.  He had never been there before and had no reason to check in there after “a seizure.’ He wouldn´t know how to get there in any event.

Robbi asked Mike, “Did they perform an EEG?’  He checked his paperwork and replied that an EEG had been performed, obviously involuntarily.  Robbi explained that the mind controllers need an EEG to determine the frequency of one´s brain waves so that they can be matched by a microwave transmitter.  Ideas, memories, voices – even commands – can be transmitted by corresponding the frequencies of the microwaves with the EEG brain frequencies.  This is the most scientific method of behavior modification and control.  Robert O. Becker, MD in his 1985 book, The Body Electric, explains that such a procedure “has obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with voices or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin.’  Becker also wrote, “Eventual monitoring of the evoked potential from the EEG, combined with radio frequency and microwave broadcast designed to produce specific thoughts or moods, such as compliance and complacency, promises a method of mind control that poses immense danger to all societies – tyranny without terror.’ (pp. 319-20)   Dr. Becker is a two-time Nobel nominee for his work in biological effects of electromagnetism and is a pioneer in this field.

The Trailerman episode suggests deep hypnosis and artificial memories along with amnesia.  The two hospital visits – the first voluntary and the second involuntary – also suggest deep hypnosis with amnesia.

It was during this call that he asked Robbi, “Why do you think Tim is still alive?’  She said, “Well, because of the witness to the execution who said he was still breathing after he was pronounced dead…’

“Is that it?’  

“Bruce knows more about this,’ said Robbi and handed the phone over to me.  

Mike asked me if Robbi and I were reporters?  Every now and then Mike becomes suspicious of us.   I said, “No, Mike.  Robbi is a doctor and I´m just a guy… Why?’

“I think I might be going crazy…’

“Yeah?  Well, people who are going crazy never think they are.’

“Uh, huh… So, why do you think Tim is still alive?’

“Well, several reasons.  Susan Carlson, of course – the witness to the execution.  The fact he negotiated a no-autopsy, the fact that the government helped ‘his buddies´ spirit his body away to an undisclosed location for cremation, the fact that he told his defense team that his Special Forces colleagues were going to save him, the fact that he just wanted to get on with the execution despite all the withholding of evidence by the FBI –“

“Look, the reason I left Prescott for Payson was because I either met Tim or his double…’


“In one of the peace groups… He came up to me and asked me if I knew Tim McVeigh?  I said I didn´t.  But I got really scared and I left Prescott right away.  But since I came back here for my teeth, I´ve seen him again.  He´s a little thinner than when I knew him, but it´s either Tim or his double…’

Mike didn´t want to speak about it anymore on the phone.

Five days later, April 8th, he called to say that he found his car windows smashed the morning after our last conversation.  He called the Prescott police who investigated and then informed him that the windows had been shot out.  “It was a warning,’ he said, “they don´t want me talking to you.’  He said that he was leaving town and probably would not be talking to us for a couple of weeks, but don´t worry – he´d be all right.  He was having the windows replaced.  Robbi asked, “How?’  

“Don´t ask… you wouldn´t like it…’ (We can only infer from this cryptic response that he could have been making a deal with the perpetrators who shot the windows and who then offered to replace them if he would explore the “corporate remote viewing’ proposal.)

He did ask for a two-week refill of his seizure medication.  Although he has apparently never experienced a seizure in the sixteen months that we have known him he is truly afraid of going through another since his dreadful three-month program at the University of Minnesota in 1978.  Dr. Borjeson would remove these seizure medications from him if he were in a stable environment which she could monitor daily.  She says that a person can be weaned of these medications after seizures have been controlled for two to three years.  Thus the VA could have weaned Mike many years ago if its doctors had so wanted.  Again, it has simply been too dangerous for Dr. Borjeson to be close to Mike to give him proper treatment because of the relentless microwave attacks on her.  The VA´s diagnosis of “seizure disorder’ gives them the power to perform EEGs on him when it can do so.

* * *

Over the years since Mike has been in Kingman, Arizona he has had few, if any, friends.  He has been kept isolated and “house-bound’ by the doctors at the Kingman and Prescott VA hospitals.  It has only been through the efforts of Dr. Robbi Borjeson and myself that Mike has been liberated from his “adobe room’ and  made to feel free to move around the country wherever he wants to go.  One person, however, who has known him all this time is the VA´s Don Gray.  Another is the VA´s Tom Murray.  All these years Mike had believed that Don Gray was a psychiatrist.  He knew Gray first at the Kingman VA and now in Prescott.

Don Gray, it turned out, is not a psychiatrist but rather a counselor in the mental health department of the VA.  However, Mike´s VA diagnosis is “seizure disorder – house-bound.’  That is, it is a physical problem rather than one of mental health.  “House-bound’ does suggest Mike´s panic disorder, which has been real if induced (and currently disappearing), but the VA has never prescribed any medication for this disorder, such as Zoloft or Prozac or Paxil.  

Dr. Borjeson spoke with Gray, who at first denied knowing a Mike Gadbaw but then, when prompted with Mike´s first name (“Leonard’) and social security number, he said, “Oh, yeah – Lenny!  I know Lenny!’  (Mike responded that he was lying, that no one ever called him “Lenny.’)  Dr. Borjeson, who is Mike´s physician, had called to inquire about Mike´s medication.  Gray said that he´d only been prescribed Dilantin and Phenobarbitol and Albuterol.  This was not true.  But Dr. Borjeson asked, “Hasn´t he had any of the newer therapeutic medications for seizures?  Phenobarb has been used since 1912 and Dilantin´s use started in 1938!’  She said it was highly unusual for a patient to be continued on these ancient remedies without having a trial of other, more modern specific medication. Gray repeated, reading from his computer, the use of the above drugs.  Robbi asked Gray who was Mike´s prescribing physician?  Who is monitoring his seizure diagnosis?  Gray said that there was no physician or neurologist following Mike´s care – he was to be seen by “the red team and the white team.’  Mike had told Robbi that his neurologist was a Dr. Brian, who he said had a very close relationship with Don Gray.  He referred to them as “Frick and Frack.’

Notwithstanding Gray´s claim, Mike had, a few months after we met him, been prescribed a fourth drug:  Lamotrigine.  His VA prescription started him at100 milligrams three times a day. But to start a patient at this huge dosage guarantees adverse side effects. The recommended loading dose of this anti-seizure medication must be a gradual approach over a period of at least six weeks, of gradually increasing the dosage from 25 mg every other day for two weeks and then 25 mg once a day for two weeks, leading to 100 to 400 mg per day in two divided doses.  The initial large dosage produces adverse side effects.  I can attest to these side effects.  Shortly before the Trailerman episode I visited Mike to check up on him.   He was quite hostile at this time and said aggressively, “I don´t trust anyone – and that includes you.’  I responded immediately that I was just the opposite; I trust everyone until I get a curve ball.  But I left thinking that I might not be seeing him anymore.  Mike first made contact with Robbi and apologized for his hostile behavior toward me, which distressed and puzzled him.  He told her that he felt as if he were hallucinating.  He then called me and apologized profusely, and within a day or so called again to describe the first, harmless version of the Trailerman visit.

It is possible that the deliberate overdose of Lamotrigine was an attempt to alienate Mike from Robbi and me.  There have been other such attempts.  Three months earlier, in April, I invited Mike to accompany me to Oregon to bring my horse back to Las Vegas.  All went well on the trip north but on the way back, just south of Wells, Nevada a big rig approached us on the two-lane Route 93 and as it went by my side window was shattered by a small bullet.  Robbi has been microwaved a number of times while with Mike, as described in the original story, left weak after temporary paralysis and nauseated with distended abdomen and shaking arms and hands (Mike noted once, “Hey, you´re shaking just like I do!’).  As also described in the September11 story, I may have been microwaved while at the adobe house which may have caused the swift onset of acute appendicitis.  After this my new right front 10 ply truck tire developed a blowout from an unusual sidewall separation and huge blister.  This was on a cool day after short mileage.  Robbi and I had just left Wickenburg for a scheduled visit with Mike in Kingman.

Obviously these probable attacks have had the desired effect:  We don´t hang around with Mike.  When we do talk with him on the phone he often is punished, as described.  He´s been punished for years – all his adult life.  He´s been a loner because of this treatment and a loner is what is needed for a Manchurian Candidate.  Someone who is alienated from everyone including his family.  

Finally, the original article suggested that Mike was an early victim of MK-Ultra and the mysterious Dr. Louis Jolyon West, who was a graduate of the University of Minnesota.  West experimented at UCLA with the melting of brain synapses to control the subject´s mind.  Mike was induced by his neurologist in Minnesota to enter the experimental program at the University, which took place as described in a complex above the animal research lab.  Mike told Robbi that the drug Ketamine was used on him in this three-month program.  The grand mal seizure which was captured on video tape was induced by sleep deprivation, flashing lights and pictures and the drug Ketamine, a dissociative anaesthetic.  All of Mike´s “seizures’ have been man-made with drugs or microwaves or hypnosis, beginning with this big one in the MK-Ultra mind control program he underwent in 1978.

How can we say that this three-month program was run by the maniacs of MK-Ultra?   Mike´s family was from Minnesota.  His grandmother, mentioned above, happened to have been a thirty-year employee of the University of Minnesota.  She worked in administration and ran the switchboard.  Mike had been very skeptical of our theory that he´d been, like his friend Tim McVeigh, a subject of Jolly West.  Though Grandma is in her 90s, Mike decided to ask her about her work at UM.  Did she remember a program that was run in 1978 over the animal research lab?  She said that there was no such human program there – it was only for animal research!  So he asked her, carefully, did she remember a Dr. West?  Yes, she said, she did.  He came in two or three times a week.  He worked on Station 149 – Orthopedics/Neurology.  He was seldom seen on the floor.  She called him “the big doctor--’ referring to his celebrity status at the hospital.  He would use her to relay messages and he would use her office – the only doctor who did that.  Mike asked her to describe him because he couldn´t believe that Grandma actually knew Jolyon West.  She quickly described him exactly as Mike had seen him in photographs.

Louis Jolyon West, along with Sidney Gottlieb, ran the CIA´s MK-Ultra mind control program, the purpose of which was to create remote-controlled assassins and agents.  As a government psychiatrist he examined Jack Ruby and ridiculed Ruby´s claim that he was part of a conspiracy to assassinate Jack Kennedy; he examined Sirhan B. Sirhan and ridiculed the idea that Sirhan was part of a conspiracy to assassinate Bobby Kennedy.  The murdered Bureau of Prisons intern Chandra Levy is reported to have recorded a dozen or more visits by West to Timothy McVeigh while he awaited trial for the Oklahoma City massacre.  McVeigh told police upon his arrest that he was mind controlled and was run by Louis Jolyon West.

Directly after the explosions in Oklahoma City, it was announced by CNN that a “psychological trauma team’ would converge in OKC to treat survivors of the explosion and the victims´ families – lead by none other than Dr. Louis Jolyon West, head of UCLA´s Neuropsychiatric Institute.  West handled the accused bomber and the bomber´s victims.

Our purpose for writing this article is to publicize the plight of Mike Gadbaw.  The first article led to the intensified microwaving of Mike as well as the microwave assaults on Dr. Robbi Borjeson and perhaps this writer when we visited him.  It led to the government plan to put Mike into another mind control program to cure his “delusions that the government is after him.’  We believe that this publicity is the only way to force the government to leave him alone.  The first article served to exonerate Mike for anything he may have been forced to do against his will via mind control.  But it did place him (and us) in more jeopardy.  This article is designed to expose the government´s crimes against Mike so that his handlers will abandon the years of investment in him as a Manchurian Candidate.  

Mike was, after all, introduced to Tim McVeigh by the VA´s Disabled American Veterans agent in Kingman, Mr. Tom Murray.  Shortly after the Oklahoma City massacre, Mike had been approached by a Kingman newspaper reporter who asked for his views on the atrocity, considering that Mike was a known associate and house-mate of Tim McVeigh, still living in the McVeigh house.  The reporter, Mike claims, put words in his mouth by suggesting that Mike believed the government was behind the bombing.  The reporter quoted Mike as saying it reminded him of the Kennedy assassination.  Tom Murray was upset by this article, Mike says.  Murray told him not to talk about the bombing with anyone, and that he should get an attorney.  

“For what?’ Mike asked, “I haven´t done anything wrong.’