Bobby Hull


I have been harrassed for quite a few years and just recently found out what was going on.

I thought I was going crazy for the longest time thanks to your forum and mkzine I am starting to understand what is going on.

I Have been druged,bugged and followed, I have been hypnotized and more.

They have ruined what life I had and and are trying to destroy any chance of hope I have for a normal life.

If you now any way to stop this or have any suggestions I would be most gratefull.

I think it all started when I accussed my father in law of raping my daughter.

thanks: Bobby

I think it all started after I accussed my father in law of raping my daughter, because right after that I was threatened by someone that said they were from a satanic cult and they were going to kill me.

I started hearing tapping on the walls strange noises, and things started happening to my car, strange markings on the walls and much more.

They have been recording me for along time not sure just how long, I can only imagine. I have found stuff with the markings of DOD on them, I would guess that stands for the dept of defense, but I thought that I was imagineing the whole thing.

I was told that I was one of the first they started with don't know if thats true but I feel like they have been doing this forever.

Street theatre is just about a daily thing with me.

They just won't leave me alone.I am glad that I found this forum and that I am not imagineing all of this. They destroyed my marriage and say that the only place I can stay if I stay here is on the street. If I can help anyone in anyway let me now and I will do my best, or if you want to hear the whole story email me at

If their is any way to stop these so called people legally or in any other way please let me now. If I can help in any way let me now. This form of abuse should never happen and should be stoped in any way possible.

Received 10-29-2003