Rasheed Adeokun



I am a 37 years old British born Nigerian based in Britain. My name is Mr Rasheed Adekunle Adeokun and I have lived in this here country since 1984; that is for about 20 years now. In my teen years I have been fined for attempting to obtain goods by deception, the occasion that served to awaken me to the fact that I did not want to lead a life of criminality, and for over 17 years I have not had reason to either fear the police or indeed to interact with them save for as a victim.

This of course has not stopped the police having course to interact with me as a suspected criminal in the form of Masonic elements in MI5 secretly shadowing me wherever I go and raising neighbourhood campaigns against me both wherever I live or indeed wherever I might be expected to carry on a social life.

They have stopped me from having a girl friend on the one hand in their efforts to make me an homosexual and on the other hand they accuse me of being an homosexual and or a paedophile to those that might want to socialise with me. Their usual method is to scare off girls I have approached with lies about my sexuality and the fact that they are investigating me; the end result is that I have been without a girlfriend since I entered this country.

Secondly they have impeded both my academic and career progress by having tutors mark me down, something that became more salient when I was on BTEC National Diploma since the exams are marked by the teachers in the College as opposed to unidentifiable teachers outside the college. Similarly, I have been unable to gain employment or to successfully start-up a business of my own because of interference. I wasn�ft even successful at gaining employment as a Security Officer even though I am an A�f levels student.

They go ahead of me to shops to inflate prices and exchange products with current expiry dates to ones not expired but not current in the cycle of displayed products for the shops in question. This goes on with big name stores and when I buy second hand goods they exchange the advertised good for one of their own, obviously telling the seller some far fetched story like I am a terrorist etc.

As for electronic goods they are all bugged from the place of purchase either the seller giving them privileged information such as my mobile phone MIEI number or the customer service operator interacting with me to further their ability to tap into the equipment I have purchased.

Insofar as my family is concerned we do not see eye to eye since I am a fundamentalist Christian and they are unprincipled inasmuch as religion is concerned. They hold the view that all religions are valid, which I have nothing against except when it aids them in their misunderstanding of my views and thus sets them against me. A division well exploited by these Masonic elements since they share the same view as my family that all religion�fs are equally valid.

They used this division to its maximum when they sectioned me under the Mental Health Act 1983 in 2002 aided by my family backing them up, that because I accused them as working against my interests in their conduct towards me and because I freed myself from their negative conducts towards me by living away from them I was mentally ill.

Conversely the Social worker who was the instrument of the sectioning said it was done because all my windows were smashed-in and she was afraid for my safety because she heard I wasn�ft eating right. Plus she said the letter which I wrote one of her colleague (who was bordering on the harassing by knocking on my door almost daily) alarmed her about my mental state because I accused the Masonic elements in MI5 as my persecutors.

In short I have been totally isolated from friends and family and all public authorities act as agents for these Masonic thugs to further their unjust oppression of me. The general public on the other hand have been assisting MI5 in following me about, harassing me, smashing my windows, breaking into my property, stealing my mail, and blocking avenues of redress etc

Thus far in order to both shorten my story and reduce it�fs tediousness I have refrained from details as to names and times all of which I can supply on demand but have concentrated on the human story. However part two is some what more difficult to believe hence I have appended more details to my account to aid in it�fs believability.


I am tormented by electronic devises that has my body mapped out so that any part of my body can be stimulated adversely as desired. This takes the form of spoiling the taste of all my meals, disrupting my sleep patterns, causing me to vomit and spoil myself on occasions, causing dizziness and mouth ulcers etc.

However the real jewel in the crown of my tormentors has been the implant in my right ear canal, implanted in August 1988 when I was abducted from the Nothing hill Carnival. This has giving them the ability to read my thoughts and as such they are able to anticipate my plans and move and as such tailor their torment accordingly. For example if I leave home to go and buy a video camera the store would suddenly be out of video cameras and would announce it ahead of my inquiry so as to seem coincidental etc.

For the sceptics who do not believe that MI5 are able to bug, observe, torment and read your mind through walls I have inserted some portions of articles written on this subject by interested parties downloaded from sites like Mind Control Forum (www.mindcontrolforums.com and www.raven1.net):

1) There is currently an electronic mind control system extremely effective and very difficult to detect. It is definitely being used on at least one person in California and probably many more in America. It is most likely being used by members of the US Government (Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Department of Defense), The Illuminate, Freemasons, The Brotherhood, or the secret "Greek Society." Essentially, the above groups overlap and may be viewed as the "The Organization." They are experts at secrecy, cover-up, terrorism and mind control. They view themselves as "enlightened." They are essentially organized criminals who commit massive abuses, terrorism, torture, mind control, slavery, and murder.

2) The Organization extensively uses the above techniques. Unfortunately, several extremely sophisticated advanced techniques have been developed and have been in use for several years:

A. A person is taken under a general anesthetic to a surgery location. This is usually done at night while the victim is sleeping. Ether gas is injected into his or her bedroom and the victim is drugged and taken away. The above involuntary sedation is also how other conditioning, torture, and abuses are often done. Alternately, the victim is simply told lies about the need for surgery.
B. An incision is made just behind the ear or inside the ear canal with cosmetic surgery techniques. When healed it just looks like a fold in the skin. The entire procedure is often done without the person realizing it.
C. Incredibly, a miniaturized electrode plate is

Received 08-16-2004