A. Jackson


I. Introduction

The intent of this document is to provide an overview of the types of non- traditional energy attacks executed by this Domestic terrorist group upon my person.

II. Symptoms of Bio-energy Changes I Experience Prior to Each Attack

The following symptoms manifest every time that I am contacted by these individuals:

1. Buzzing, humming, electrical or roaring sounds
2. Unusual tingling and energy sensations
3. Bodily Heaviness or sinking, feelings of expansion and contracting
4. Numbness and paralysis in various parts of my body
5. Weightlessness
6. Abnormal internal vibrations
7. Electrical pulses of energy
8. Internal shifting, spinning, and other movements
9. Arms and legs lifting or moving while I'm attempting to drift off to sleep
10. High-pitched ringing in my ears

III. Most Recent Attack Events/Scenarios

In September of 2001, I moved into the apartment I currently reside in now. I've had this apartment checked out by 4 paranormal experts who detected a great deal of EMF activity and experienced a form of these attacks as well. As an fyi, these individuals, (the paranormal experts), indicated that some of their clients had previously reported strange activities going on at my former place of employment in Houston, Texas (the *nron Corporation) . Unfortunately they didn't give me any specifics, as it was confidential information.

They (the individuals) have informed me that their organization has members all over the world. This may be true, but from what I've learned so far they're probably on the lower dimensional levels (as they are so concerned about controlling 'worldly' matters).

As of today, I am being harassed by two types of entities who have the ability to communicate using non-standard methods. These individuals consist of males and females and follow me wherever I go. I can describe the first type as humans who have managed to develop the quantum mechanics of multi-dimensional travel almost to perfection. Two of the individuals,(within this first group), claim to have worked with me at the **nron Corp headquarters located in Houston Texas. I have been touched by several of these people in a harmful manner. The second type of entity claims to have a different vision than the first. They apparently have a few limitations and seem to possess the traits of individuals who have previously crossed from one dimensional plane onto another. They have manifested themselves in two semi-transparent forms, one resembling an *actual human body and the other is comparable to a jelly like substance

(*This individual took on the form of one of the former *nron employees)

Either one or both of these groups are able to.
.1)Alter their physical form
.2) Induce motion and movements within my body
.3) Communicate verbally as well as telepathically
.4) follow me from place-to-place

These individuals have also harmed my body by using the following methods (but on another dimensional level) with the pain begin felt at the physical level.

1).hitting me on the back of my neck with something resembling a wall sconce
2).by pulling 'something' out of me that left me breathless and weak (I didn't see what was being pulled but I could feel it leaving my body)
3).striking me in my right eye (I wasn't able to see this person)
4).electrically shocking me with something on the right side of my neck (Again, I wasn't able to see my assailant)
5).shifting me around, which feels like 'motion disorientation'
6).attaching something to my back and naval (Of course I didn't see anything but I can discern the pressure being applied)
7).threatening to, (as they put it), set-me-up for something I didn't do
8).constantly telling me that I'll never have another job like nron

This communication/contact has been going on since March of 2000, (almost 24 hours per day, everyday) and continues to date. The assaults began while I resided at my former address at the *** Memorial apartments located in Houston Texas. As I indicated above, they have attacked me physically on several occasions and disrupt my dreams at will.

These individuals (as a whole claim) to be an organization of elite and superior human beings'; however, they never reveal the name of their org. Odder still, they demand that I give away everything I own, constantly tell me that I'm not welcome in Houston, and threaten to take complete control of my body. They are extremely concerned about how I see myself, what others think of me, where I work, what I buy, what I eat, and where I live. I know this sounds unbelievable, but it is the truth. Other strange things have occurred whenever I go out shopping or to visit family, but I'll save those for later.

My guess is that a group of individuals have managed to alter their bio-energy in a manner that allows them to maintain a higher vibratory rate and a dual unified consciousness on an ongoing basis (or more permanent basis). Furthermore, I can feel a constant 'wave' motion when I sit still. I can feel my body being 'moved' in different directions at various times of the day; but, more often during the night. Unfortunately, I don't know how to stop the forms of harassment that they are using against me, but one thing is for certain, THEY DON'T WANT TO BE EXPOSED in the (natural) physical.