Barbara J. Reed
and Son Delayno B. Wright


To Whom It May Concern:

This is just to say I understand what you and other are going through and the fact that I an my Son Delayno B. Wright are also victims of inplants. I am civil rights Advocate from Omaha, Nebraska the homes of SAC the headquarter for strategice Assault Command headquarets and the biggest testing area on the effect of the implants in America.

Since I am aware of the fact that America has always use people of color as guinea pigs for their experiments and the whole sale slaughter of men women of color this was just the other shoe dropping after Cointelpro to do two things either completely genicide of people of color and have what if any left as mindless droms.

This as anything was not just meant for the undesirables but any one that our goverment feels is a threat to the absolute supermacy so needless to say the majority of America population would be turn into mindless drons to do the bidding of a few.

I understand to well what links the goverment will go to to try to keep it secret agenda from being discover even the killing of inocent children and women. My son has been a product of the mind control devices in the events that he was made to play apart in all orchestrated to test the device and get rid of him at the same time. I was suppose to fall victim to mental iilliness even though neither of my children or myself have ever had a problem with mental health issues.

Because man is not as poweful as he would like to image himsel.I am not suffering with alot of the problems that I was in the beginning this has allowed me to think clearly and plan a mode of attack through the power and mercy an grace of Almighty God. The effects of the implant my eyesight has rapidy detereriate almost making it impossible to read in a room not really well lit..

The fact that as in everyone case their has been a constant mode of attack by the nazi police that the goverment has use to keep around the clock servillance on me to try to intimidate in install fear. Which is not working because I have no fear but of Almigthty God who create all life that in the heaven an upon the earth.

Faith is something that we all must have and practice because he is the only one that can defeat a evil diabolica plan to enslave the world. Now is time to put your faith into action because Christianty or being a Muslim should not be words you utter but a faith put into action. Because both the Bible an The Quran foretold a time of such evil upon the earth. The bible speaks of the Anti Christ and the Qu'ran speaks of a ungenerate man who has forsake all gods gifts or the image he was create in to become a beast . A person that is debased having no love, morality notthing that would suggest he was created by Almighty Godl.

These are told to be in stark opposition to Almighty God himself. Wanting to ursurp what belongs to God himself. They are murders. rappers , liars, what ever is vile this what they practice their is no justice in their being. This what as you know is what they proactice with rap of our minds and the lies they tell to keep their agenda held in secretcy an they will stop at knowing to keep this hidding from the world populace or the populace of what ever land you reside in even murdering the victims of the mind control inwhich they experiment on.

If they don't murder them the try to jail or institutionalize them from the rest of the world to maintain their secret. So understand like the rest of the resisters America which I reside in must be waken up before it to late and their is no more Free America, without Freedom their can be no Justice or Liberty.

Received 09-08-2003