Caitlin Danielle Cross

I Caitlin Danielle Cross and my family are victims and have been victims all are lives of covert government experimentation.

I found out April 2001 and sad to say another family member whom is aware and myself have been subject to the most . . . indescribable experiments since finding out, it was hush, hush before then.

Is their is anyway to save my family and myself from all the body/mind damage being done . . . to bleed where you normally wouldn't . . . to wake up screaming in pain . . . to see their faces . . . to lose your job . . . to be on the run . . . and be tortured, raped, attempts of murder . . . shall I continue . . . 10 years of rape and torture . . . ear-piercing frequencies; bleeding from nose/ears (constant since memorial day 2002) . . . can't use my arms and hands (since November 2002) . . . so much air shoved into intestines; malnutrition, bleeding (since October 2001) . . .sometimes won't let you use the facilities . . . paralyzing equipment, animals used, taking air from lungs to passing out from lack of oxygen (Jan. - June 2002) . . . monthly bleeding (woman) controlled by them when they wish . . . radiation damage. . .hair loss . . . head pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of balance . . . no dreams, just them and what they want you to see, but no fear of what they show me or do . . . this is just some of what I go through their is so much more (very bizarre and sick).

I am on the move constantly now hitching rides from truckers, I get moments of peace only moments for they move with me, always one step ahead. They won't let me work my hands, arms, legs under attack. Tried running too many of them can't escape. What to do, don't want to be homeless on the street...I choose to keep moving.

I have tried getting help in Washington and through people and government agencies but I have had no luck; just worse attacks and a reuined reputation. I will wait patiently for God to deliver us in His time. Nothing this evil I feel will be allowed to continue for too long. For me it has been 38 years (the fronts used unbelievable) it all came together like a puzzle after finding out.

Maybe not in my lifetime or my family's, but justice will come by the Lord. This is a promise I believe in. I will continue to pray for all victims alive and those who have passed on from mind control and weapons research victims like myself. I will also continue to pray for the government/military personnel that are performing these terrible acts against fellow human beings (citizens of their own country). Pray for them to be saved and for us to persevere. May God forgive them all and have mercy on their souls.

Please do not use my e-mail address because I am using a drivers computer and I don't have a e-mail account. Thank you. You may take what you like from this information and post it on the board please. I would like it if you would use my name and my family as victims. Please if you would take what you need for posting I would appreciate it.

I have tried enlisting help since April 2001 from:

Also, from agencies that supposed to help torture victims, and other independent agencies.

I realize now that this is too big for me or my family. It's just hard to accept when it is human nature to survive and to seek to survive.


I'm sorry but it is hard for me to concentrate and write this in the way you need please rewrite (take out what you don't need etc., for me, thank you.

My Letter to Caitlin

Dear Caitlin
This is my addition to your personal account. I added your story just as you sent it in. If you read this site again and have an email address please get in touch with me. There are webbased emails that you can get. Also you can sign up for one though my personal domain. It's secure as far as I know. I do know that others can hack place but I or others can not get into that place. My thoughts and prayers are with you.