It is somewhat empowering to read the e-mails from the mcform and realize that there is little I read that is not or hasn't happened to me. I'm totally new to computers and was shocked to see a100 or so e-mails from what was on the site. I'mgetting onto how things work. I welcome personal e-mails and hope to create allies and freindships to alleviate the imposed alienation/..It is clear to me now that other s also have family and friens and associates attacked in various ways.I've taken to cautioning people and it scares them away or they think i've lost my senses.

Well I have about 95 more e-mails or accounts from what was transferred to my e-mail and already I feel so much more validated than I did yesterday. Thank you so much for this forum. Thank you E. White for your book review re: the wiles of the abusers. Between that and the info. I read re: satellites..I have a clearer picture how they do it. My question for so long is how they get so many people involved and net-workedand trained. It is clearer now except for how they seem to know so easily how to do it. I have even seen children brought up in cult families being experts ar age 5 or so. IT is so sad and tragic, isn't it.

Some of the abuses that have happened to me since the 80,s when I became introduced to the world of fame are not on any lists I've read...and I don"t know how toexplain it. I'm wondering if it has happened to others. By the fact that our body runs on electricity, there are pulses that some abusers know how to activate without machinery. I won't get too detailed since it is already too much used,. .. They are closing up where I am so I have to sign off... anyway thoughts can be read and almost like a remote viewing etc etc .. Later beth

Received 03-31-2004