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My intro is the same as my account. I do not wish to go into details now as doing so could endanger me. You may freely publish what I ask below. Basically I just want to know how to protect myself. There are both groups and some individuals with money sufficient to buy and use such devices. I have been subjected to electronic (silent sound I believe) harrassment now for about a year, seeking relief by traveling to sleep at other locations at time. Please help as soon as possible.

Hi. Since I helped expose a cult's activities including pedophilia, I have no doubt that I am being victimized by what is clearly "silent sound" technology, which continues to this point in time. I would like to know how I may shield myself from its effects. I gather that silent sound is a term for or for a form of electromagnetic waves, and I wonder if positioning my head before or possibly within a metal pot or some similar item might bar penetration by the waves or at least weaken their effects. I would like to be contacted at please.

Received 12-03-2003