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What do I mean by "mind control"?

I once read an interesting post in a newsgroup (talk.politics.misc) by a MC victim/activist. The title was, "Law Enforcement Officers Rule America".

Although I didn't agree completely with his views (mainly because I couldn't understand one of the technologies that he was attempting to explain), in it he wrote that "current mind control operators are state and local law enforcement officers, FBI, CIA, and recruited operators".

He went on to say that these "law enforcement officers and undercover operators" have access to an array of 'nonlethal weaponry' which includes such things as a "microwave weapon, radio-frequency weapon, infrasound, electromagnetic pulse weapon", and other "invisible wave weapons".

He further stated that "the law enforcement officers (operators) are the judge, jury, and executioner of local people in the mind control system", and that these individuals "have been corrupted since they can control and manipulate people's lives".

That pretty much sums up what I believe to be the general situation. However, I do not believe that law enforcement is operating entirely alone in this regard.


Tell me, how "brave" is it to, under the cover of darkness, attack someone weaker than oneself? Is that not, in effect, what the MC perps are doing to us? Stop and think about it for a moment. Who's actually afraid of who here? These people are nothing but gutless cowards! Otherwise, they wouldn't bother to conceal their identities. Instead, they would forgo the anonymity and confront their victims directly, in the open, and face-to-face. Would they not???


I am a victim of what is often referred to as being a form of "mind control". Others have described it as "hi-tech harassment", "psycho-electronic harassment", and "neuro-electromagnetic harassment".

I have authored several pages and websites in the past. These have included the following:

(1.) "High-Tech Harassment and its Victims" (2001)
(2.) "Against Psycho-Electronic Harassment (Revised)" (2001)
(3.) "Harassment Survey" (2001)
(4.) "Sound Off!" (2002)
(5.) "Mind Control 2003" (2003)

Through the years, in an effort to protect my privacy, as well as to help minimize spam, I have gone by several aliases. These have been some of them:

(1.) "Johann Doe"
(2.) "Tommy Gun" (or "T.G.")
(3.) "PerpSlayer"
(4.) "I Hate Perps"

I realize that everybody's case is similar in some respects but different in others. Like many of us victims, I would like to know the agency responsible fon this "mind control", 24/7 surveillance, and intimidation. Earlier on, I thought it was strictly local law enforcement working with a "community watch" group. Then, as the situation developed, I began wondering if perhaps the State Police or even the Feds had a role in this. The truth of the matter is that it could be any, all, or none of the above.


If you are a MC victim, please feel free to e-mail me. I'd like to hear how you are coping. Take care.

Edward Cavanagh

Received 11-02-2004