David Smith


My name is David Smith. For the last 2 years I have been harrassed 24 hours a day by a group of Satanic fanatics I believe, are Illuminati operating under the umbrella of the Church of Scientology from Vancouver, B.C.

2 years ago I angered a neighbor of mine who was spying on me. I believe she is manic depressive. That started a campaign against me that has lasted for two years. It won't last much longer as this group actively seeks my death. For this they are using Canadian ex special forces personal who are trained to kill with their hands. Because they don't want a police investigation I imagine they will try to break my neck and make it look like an accident.

Why are they doing this? I imagine they have their reasons which would not be logical to you or I. The bottom line is my neighbor, Lyn Perry has a genuine hate for me. And so does her husband, Mark Perry. Then again I'm sure there are more reasons. When I had a conversation with them about joining their little group the man said, "He has too much light coming off him." I BELIEVE ALSO THAT I HAVE LEARNED TOO MUCH ABOUT THEIR GROUP. They have a "hit team" who operates 24 hours a day against any one they target.

I have been monitored 24 hours a day by sophisticated equipment produced by a company in Victoria by the name of PosScan. This outfit advertizes itself as the world leader in sales of monitoring equipment. PosScan is tied directly to the Illuminati. The equipment the "hit team"is using is crystal cameras run by a computer. There are 24 cameras that can be run off one monitor. These cameras are impossible to find and if you do find one, impossible to detect.

Since they know you have discovered one they can just turn the equipment off and normal anti bugging equipment will not pick it up. I was in touch with one of the top outfits in the U.S. for anti bugging equipment. He told me even their equipment would not pick up the bug when I describerd what they were using. " what will pick it up?" I asked him. "You need a computer expert who specializes in anti bugging software." "Do you have any one you can recomend?" I asked him? "No." was his reply.

So i am dealing with an outfit who has more sopisticated equipment than the govt. agencies of North America and more resources.

How did this come about? When this first started I heard them take a vote on whether to murder me or not. I lost. It seemed like a bad dream. Why would someone want to murder me because a neighbor developed a hatred for me? I do not know. They operate in devious ways. When this first started I came home one night and noticed a smell in the room as if someone had been soldering. {by the way i live alone}

Upon further examination I noticed a crystal in my stereo set that looked like a camera. Just then I heard a woman's voice say, "I told you he would smell it. What will we do if he discovers it?" A man replied, "Don't worry, I'll kill him before he can tell anyone." Needless to say I pretended I didn't find anything.

They are an extremely devious group who will let nothing get in their way to achieve whatever goal they have. Their methods are extremely sneaky. They try to isolate their victim from family and friends. They do this by increasing the pressure on their victim as time goes by. They try to break him or her and get them to do something stupid like attack the neighbor, commit suicide, or be commited to a mental institution. With me they started slowly using more and more sophisticated equipment as time went by.

In the early stages they made a big mistake. Unbeknownst to me they broke into my house and planted a recording microphone under the strap of my suitcase. They knew I was taking a trip to the U.S. I did not take the suitcase but another bag. 2 months later I decide to take a trip to Europe to escape their clutches. No such luck. I was followed on the plane from Vancouver to Amsterdam. I recognized the couple following me because I had seen them a month earlier on a Ferry across Georgia Strait in British Columbia. I saw this couple one more time in an airport in Chicago almost a year later. While I was in Spain I decided to get my personal belongings checked out by a private detective agency because I knew I was being bugged. They found the recording microphone hidden under the strap of my luggage. It was ironic because by this time they had gone to more sopisticated bugging equipment which the Agency didn't find. But they forgot about the recording microphone. Because the batteries had run out the Agency was able to pinpoint when the device was placed in my suitcase.

Why follow me to Europe? For the first year and a half they tried to poison me by using a common household cleaner called hypo chlorite. They would use small dosages put into everything of mine including all my food, my clothes, bedding, toiletry items including toilet paper, even on my cats hair so when I petted them it would get on my hands and be transfered to my mouth when I ate or whatever. They even put it on my shoelaces.

Why hypo chlorite? Because it leaves no trace in your body. Hypo chloite can be found in powdered bleach and if you get enough of it in your system it can kill you. I found this out by extensive research on the internet by a friend going by my symptoms. When I discovered what they were using I took 16 items from my home and had them tested by a lab. The items I took were a broad example of everyday items from toothpaste to canned food to my cat's hair to water. None of these items should have any hypo chlorite in them. All 16 proved positive for hypo chlorite.

I have a letter from the head scientist saying these items were tampered with. I took the results along with the recording microphone to the police. They refuse to investigate saying I don't have enough evidence. It is possible to get the names of this 4 person "hit squad" just from the plane flights I have been on. I can't get anyone to check these plane flights even though I have them all documented.

The "Hit squad" is made up of 2 men and 2 women. One of the men is the "general" of the operation and he runs it like a millitary operation. The other man is the break and enter specialist breaking into my house or hotel room whenI am not at home or sleeping. The 2 women are the intuitive part of the team monitoring me 24 hours a day and analyzing my every move while I make it and reporting to the general. Because of the way the operation is being run I believe the "general" is ex Canadian millitary probably intelligence with ties to special forces.

After a year and a half of using hypo chlorite on me they decided to become more pro active in their attempts to murder me. In the last 6 months they have been using directed energy weapons against me. My symtoms are classic for the use of low radiation beam against me. Headaches,extreme fatigue, sore testicles, tingling in my fingers and feet, sore eyes, ect.

They also have been using lasers directed at my eyes at a level where it causes extreme discomfort but no permenent damage. I am at my wits end. I have been to the R.C.M.P. the F.B.I. lawyers, friends and anyone else I could think of. To no avail.

These people are extremely arrogant and believe they are above the law. They don't believe they can get caught. They only operate when everything is in their favor. They are oportunists. When the oportuity is right they will send their trained killers after me. I will try my best to survive.

If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. I am not their first victim and certainly won't be their last. One of the reasons they can operate like they do is because of the secrecy surrouding their operations.

Let all your friends know these animals exist and what they are capable of.

Sincerely, David Smith

Received 07-22-2004