Eic Johan


re what is known as HCI or human computer interaction or mind control

have info as to person and tech of which theft cognitive info done, shocks as experienced, thefts damage to personal property, use implants or micro bug ear inserts

verify by site university sussex england

see human computer interaction section

you have subliminal transmissions noise [white noise] subliminal pictures of a dirty fat letcher who is doing nothing but porn? you target of one who is always accusing of stupid instances?

have you had personal possessions destroyed moved of felt cells in brain burn?

note subliminal/subvocal the focus is on brain

looking for class action suit as have quantifiable tech and people who have stolen and destroyed personal property

this is terrorism

circulate knowing info compromised due to manipulation tectum or speech center in brain [forced subaudia reading to oneself is best way to describe process]

conferences in east coast wanted

account to date of which identified individual has stated "we will destroy you", tried to kill me w/ radiation by statement "we thought you were an animal we tried to kill you"

has targeted me as of 10/11,12 w/subliminal radiation sequences of which attmpts to obtain asitance resultedf in incarceration for best interests. it does not pay to go to authorities.

have been target thefts damage to personal property, money of which has stated to end up in a pastors hand for exchange information

thefts documents by scanning w/ cam corder in guise of info warfare cl 2

this by an alleged former sas person running school for which individuals are exploited for info theft, targeted w/ radiation and implanted w/ garbage

identified person has transmitted 24/7 criminal electronic harassment for past 3 yrs

transmission radiation includes sex, pedophilia and homosexuality by co worker named steven

site of school is http://www.bodyguards-pba-com/

have been threatened vehicles destroyed constant radiation of which is cancer causing

need to see attornys on these site

have been target forced speech, exploited by programs used in human computer interaction being MRML and VRML

see site university sussex england for human computer department and will denote tech

have quantified tech as well names ips DNS locations

need prosecutor for imprisonment both

transmission accessed via SIGNALS, believe to be skynet 4 military satellite group

these are UK people stealing from the USA w/ ignorant co conspirators in viol FISA and ex order 12333

person is a terrorist

note contacts on web page

transmitted statements from uk to us sample on pg http://www.webspawner.com/users/intllaw/index.html

Received 12-16-2002