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I have been a government abuse victim since the 24 November 1984. At this time I was in prison in Bristol in the west country, and Bristol is where I live and have lived all my life. I was in a state of cold turkey and was in the hospital wing. I was taken by 3 prison officers to a outside hospital where I was made to feel realy uncomfortable by the prison staff saying things like (remember the last one we had and did I want to see my family again). When I got to the hospital I had more of the same but more threatening. I was given electric shock in my legs and was threatened with torture. They said they were going to stick scewdrivers in my eyes and I remember hearing a electric drill and someone touching my feet at the same time.I was shaking like a leaf with fear.What was done to me had the desired effect. FEAR OF THESE PEOPLE. When I was returned to the prison my head was in a bandage and my life changed forever. I kept quiet for many years because of the fear these people instilled in me. In 1999 there was a article in the news of the world newspaper about a hospital being involved in illegal operations in Bristol.

This place is about 5 miles from the prison I was in, so it makes sense that I was more than likely taken to this hospital. After all, its not all hospitals thats involved in illegal operations of this sort.The name mentioned in the newspaper story, Margaret McNair from the citizens commission on human rights told me that the only way that I'll ever have a honest scan is for me to go to another country to have it done because these people have very long reaches indeed.

She also sent me documents about the Burden Institute, it seems this type of practice has been going on there for decades. Unfortuneatly thats the only thing she could help me with. Although she says in the paper about what she knows about this place, and the goings on there, thats all she can do. She did write to the prison asking for my records but was told that they do not keep records for very long so she just gave up.

I also got to meet my member of Parliament Jean Courston, she also gave up after being told the prison had no records on me. I have been told that records on prisoners are supposed to be kept for a minimum of 20 years before they destroy them although I don't know this for fact.

Yesterday I sent mail to the general medical council letting them know about me and the atrocities done to me so I thought that I would phone them just to make sure that they got it.Surprise, surprise they never got it. I also sent mail to the the court on human rights in Geneva about 3 months ago and I am beginning to think that mail never arrived too.

One thing that I"ve learned through all this is that these people really don't want me making waves about what was done to me so it doesn't surprise me that my mail is being blocked to the only people that might be able to make a difference to the outcome of this outrage.

The thing I find most difficult to live with is the anger that engulfs me every day. When this was done to me I was a single man and these people never took into account that one day I may get married and have children. I did get married in 1985 a year after this happened to me and I have 3 great children. The thing that is upsetting for me is that this atrocity has kept me from working and being a normal hardworking supportive father to my kids. My youngest son has got tourettes syndrome, where he shouts and jerks involantary. His tics is sometimes triggered by stress so when me and his mum row, mainly about money troubles and poverty, this can trigger his tics. When this is the case I feel so much rage inside me towards these so called human beings for doing this to me. These abuses have effected us all and always will. Its so hard living with what happened because the anger I feel is so difficult to live with. I would not wish this on my worst enemy

Edition 1GMD SUN 20 JUN 1999, Page 14

Docs used us for Frankenstein brain ops;Investigation;Forde Park approved school

BEN PROCTOR & IAN KIRBY Tearaways in care home claim surgeons took away chunks of their memory

THE News of the World has uncovered evidence that young boys in care were subjected to sickening 'Frankenstein' brain operations to correct their tearaway behaviour in the 1970s.

Patients who suffered the procedures say chunks of their brain tissue were removed in ghastly experiments by government scientists.

Many of the boys were pupils at the notorious Forde Park approved school in Devon-the subject of a huge inquiry into sexual and physical abuse by staff. Neurological surgeons allegedly carried out secret lobotomies in a crude attempt to remove the "bad element" of the boys' minds.

The victims believe they were guinea-pigs in a real-life story which has uncanny parallels with the plot of horror film A Clockwork Orange.

The boys were not told what was about to happen to them. They were simply drugged before the doctors got to work.

Now, aged in their 30s or 40s, the men have only sketchy memories of their ordeals.

Scars They are left with mystery scars on their skulls, but with no knowledge of their fiendish treatment.

But one man remembers more than most.

Barry Dyer, now 40, was adopted as a baby, beaten by his adoptive parents and labelled an "aggressive psychotic."

He was wrongly diagnosed as being epileptic and put on mind-bending drugs. When he was 12 he attacked his sister and was thrown into Brooklands remand home at Langport, Somerset.

On June 22, 1971, Barry was mysteriously drugged and driven on a 120-mile round trip to the Burden Neurological Institute at Frenchay, Bristol. He told the News of the World:

7I remember arriving at the hospital and the smell of roses and vaguely remember seeing my mother there. Then I remember being dragged down a corridor-because I could not stand-with a towel wrapped around my head. I was transferred to another bed and could feel blood dripping down my head but I was told not to touch it.

The pain was not on either side of my head. It was right in there. Right in my brain. It was excruciating.

Then I remember lying in bed thrashing my head against the wall to try and stop the pain.

They had removed a part of my brain and I have never found out why.

The blood was unbelievable. There was so much of it on my bed it looked like somebody a had been slaughtered.

When Barry came round a team of surgeons and social workers began to quiz him about what he could remember.

He said: "I started telling them all about where I grew up and about Brooklands and they looked at me in astonishment.

"I obviously wasn't supposed to remember anything, but I could. They looked horrified and I can still see the fear in their eyes."

Barry was left with an inch-long curved scar just behind his left ear.

After the operation he was moved to Forde Park near Newton Abbot.

When he was 16 he left the care system, but has been in and out of prison ever since, mainly for violent offences.

But since leaving jail in 1995 Barry, of Yate, near Bristol, has battled to make the Department of Health admit psycho-surgery was carried out on boys. Three other ex-pupils of West Country care homes-Kevin Bird, Ronald Ford and Paul Sinclair-also claim they had brain surgery.

Paul, a 37-year-old father-of-one, is due to have a brain scan carried out by the NHS to see if he was operated on. He said: "I have head scars which nobody can explain. When I was 15 I got into a fight and had my cheek bone operated on.

"Years later I discovered that cuts made to my head while I was sedated had nothing to do with sorting out my cheekbone.

"While I was knocked out I was taken to a number of different hospitals including the Royal Devon and Exeter.

"But after suffering years of migraines, black-outs and short-term memory-loss I am convinced something far more sinister took place.

"I am due to have a scan and also hope to fly to the US to see if they can unearth anything which might prove our point beyond doubt.

"I am also going to see a specialist in Italy for more scans so I can build up a dossier."

Seventy former pupils of Forde Park-which closed in 1985-have formed a group to seek justice for their treatment there.

Founder of the Survivors of Forde Park is father-of-six Andy Kershaw, 39, from Bristol.

He believes he was taken to Burden, but remembers far less than Barry.

He said: "I was in Forde Park for five years up to the age of 16.

Sedated "At some stage I was sedated and underwent an operation on my head. I have scars on my head but have no idea how they got there.

"I set up the Survivors of Forde Park to look into the care orders which deprived many youngsters of loving homes.

"But we have also uncovered a more sinister side to our time in care. We have managed to piece together the evidence of illegal brain surgery."

Barry's MP, Northavon Lib Dem Steve Webb, has taken up the case.

He said: "I am taking this matter extremely seriously and am awaiting a full reply from the Home Office." Another heavily involved in the fight for truth is Margaret McNair, director of the Citizens Commission For Human Rights.

She says: "This is simply terrible. We have evidence that electronic implants were being used at Burden.

"We also know that boys from 144 different care homes suffered human rights violations at the hands of these people.

"From the 1950s a lot of mental experimentation went on but little is known of the results.

"The government plan to release the reports, but not for 100 years. Some of the things that went on were no different to the horrors carried out by the Nazis in concentration camps.

"Who knows what happened to a lot of these boys? They could have been drugged up and taken to Burden.

"They could have undergone all manner of treatments. What were they doing at this place? What long-term damage was caused?The doctors' plan was to control an increasing delinquency problem with mind-control techniques, but many boys were little more than hyperactive.

"It is a dreadful state of affairs."

Burden Neurological Unit has 22 beds and is part of the North Bristol NHS Trust and run by Frenchay Hospital.

The NHS have controlled the distinctive red-brick unit since 1948.

Scan Director of planning at Burden, John Hilltout, said yesterday: "We are aware of the allegations which have been made but no operating took place at Burden during the 1970s.

"It was common to use electrodes to scan the brain at this time, as it is now. We can find no evidence to support the claims made by the Survivors of Forde Park."

But Barry Dyer is sticking to his guns. He said that ten years ago, while undergoing surgery to remove a cyst in the area of the brain operation, two pieces of stray brain tissue were found beneath his skin.

And he added: "The original operation in Burden made me have to learn everything all over again-like putting new software in a computer.

"If they were trying to improve my behaviour I certainly would not say it worked.

"It made me more cautious and more wary, but that was probably because I had my trust shattered so many times."

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