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I am new to the realization that I may be targeted for experimentation involving telepathy, either machinized or manipulated by human beings. I am not afraid or paranoid, nor have I been diagnosed with any sort of mental illness, but I am concerned about what has been happening to me and want to know more about it.

I have been psychic as long as I can remember. I have had many experiences with the paranormal. Back in late 1974, I knew nothing about remote viewing, but I was informed the Institute of Noetic Sciences had been doing experiments with psychics, so I wrote them a letter explaining my situation. I was sent a reply stating they had stopped doing testing for the time being and were concentrating on raising funds. A 'P.S.' was added to the end of the letter which read, quote, "I have classified your letter in our file of psychics with the notation "Probably a good subject for the kind of ESP testing done in lab. situations". You may refer to my comments when writing to others if you wish, because your letter is better than most which we receive." unquote. This letter was signed by Dominic R. Macquire.(In the quote, I included the lack of proper punction as it was written.)Time passed and the usual psychic things kept happening, until 1981, when I began to be awakened by a knocking on the outside wall of the house. The knocking followed me whenever I would relocate, and it didn't happen very often, however, for the past few years, the knocking has changed to the sound of a doorbell that doesn't sound like mine, a conventional phone ringing that doesn't sound like mine, the sound of a 2x4 board being slammed against something hard (that one opened my eyes real fast!) clicking, buzzing like an old school bell, and the last time, the sound of a cell phone 'chirping'. The sounds come in one set of three, and are always accompanied by someone saying only my name and nothing else. Two and one half weeks ago, for the first time, I was awakened three times in one night by three different noises, each accompanied by a different voice. I got a bit miffed and fired back, and, later, got online to do some research, as I know the difference between spirit contact and manmade sounds, and this was not spirit contact. I've learned quite a bit, but would still like to find out if anyone else has experienced the same things. The sounds seem to be coming from inside the back of my head. (I am also infrequently awakened between the hours of 12:30am and 5:30am by the phone ringing, and when I answer it, there are only fax tones...there could be a logical answer to this...wrong number!)

Received 12-29-2003