John Smith


It’s hard to know where to start with all this. Before I go through the effects of what this implant things doing, I’ll tell you why this trouble started.

The person that’s putting me through this is a martial arts instructor that I trained with for just a few months. The problem started when he turned out to be a homosexual and tried it on with me. I myself am not gay. When this martial arts instructor (who was drunk at the time) realised his mistake of asking me to sleep with him, he drugged me with something that completely messed my mind up. I know I was drugged because I was sitting down and suddenly jolted and woke up. I do have some memories of what happened, but luckily none of him actually touching me.

Within a few days of this drugging incident I had to go to psychiatric hospital as I was misinterpreting everything. It’s obvious he done that so people wouldn’t take me seriously if I were to tell anyone about what he is. I also thought I had to commit suicide. It wasn’t that I wanted to commit suicide or that I was even depressed, I just felt totally selfish for being alive. That made it attempted murder.

I know this situation has caused a lot of trouble within his own people (as in people with a lot of power and influence). They have more then likely booted him out of their organisation and probably hate him as much as I do.

Anyway, within in a few months of being drugged I had got myself back together. Although that alone was enough to ruin my life, ever since I’ve noticed changes in electrical appliances and a buzzing sound in my ear. I’ve never heard any voices like other people have reported with these things. The worse thing that’s happened to me was waking up paralysed and actually seeing black wavy stuff in the air. That’s happened 6 times over the last 3 years.

I can’t believe this has happened to me. What’s worse I can’t believe the sort of person that’s been left in charge of it. He’s a psychotic paranoid lone drinking alcoholic. When the times right, I’ll tell you lot about him… it will make you laugh!

At this time there’s no one that I can go to for help with this. That’s why I’ve typed this out for this forum. There’s got to be equipment that can be used to detect these things. That’s what I want to know about

If you can help please contact me. E-mail

The best quote I’ve ever seen … their pay back is as close as the day of their death

Received 5-28-2003