My names Nick and I am 18 years of age and have been living in a small village for as long as I can remember

Hello sir/mam, This problem of mine began when I was back in college last September.... I was creating music at the time as a hobby when I wasn't doing revision or studies. But I had been making music for 3 years prior to that. I met many old friends from school at Guildford college, one in particular named segun ogunsheye with whom I had conversations about my music making. He told me he knew some people in the music business, and one particular person at a music label. He asked me if I wanted to show him my music and I responded by agreeing to do so. The next few days after that I gave him a pair of my rap/r'n'b music cd's with my music at the beginning and other artists music proceeding, I also gave him a 'sunz of man'(group) album. Now this is where the beginning of my problems begins....., and I assure you, everything I'm about to tell you is 100% True.

Soon after I gave him those cd's college life was going downhill for me, and I decided to drop out around November time. I then began seeing another school friend, called Fabio Fernandes, who lives down my road to fill in the plenty of spare time I had on my hands. I would also write lyrics at his house as I planned to rap to his beats. I then began sharing my hard drive with him by taking it out of my pc. To cut a long few lines short, he/we managed to break both of our hard drives, he lost all of his music he made, I didn't have the money to fix his hard drive so I gave him my hard drive with all my music on it which he formatted leaving me with none of my previous work ( leaving me with no evidence with which to sue the people I'm going to mention later).

Soon after that around February? time he switched rooms with his sister who's rooms pink :/. While I was there I then began to notice twitches on my leg which I didn't make much of at the time so I just ignored them. Time passed, about a month after that I would come home complaining that I didn't feel to good. My mum who worries allot about me decided to call the ambulance to see what was up. They checked me out and said I was fine, I had a conversation with the guy and I told him about my drug usage in my past, which is pretty minor as I was never a big spender in those areas whatsoever.

Time passed and later on my mum caught up with the fact that I was going round fabio's who both my parents have a complex with, they got me banned from his house again and I got in a bit of a strop about it which in turn got the police on me for a domestic in march I think that was.

After that I began spending my time at home and this is when I noticed my lyrics and lyric book went missing and I began to hear em changed around and coming out other artists mouths and my pictures manipulated in a different way on ads which took me by complete surprise and shock.

I was extremely puzzled as to how they went missing although my window was usually left open. I got extremely overprotective and upset over this. My father advised me to go and tell my doctor about this, I don't know why, but I agreed to do so. I then went to epsom hospital where I spoke to the doctor about what was happening, I must have exaggerated a bit to make it sound more convincing. Which I later found out would make things allot worse for me. Took me to 'elgar' psychiatric ward. Less than a week later I had a meeting with the doctor who I told the same thing as I did the first doctor. I found out later he labelled me as a paranoid schizophrenic and much of which I told him after that was a bunch of lies to get me out of hospital quicker.

I had copies of my music on me on cd which got stolen at hospital sadly.

OK this is where things start to get really really odd for me and difficult in my life.

About 2 to 4 weeks into my hospital stay I began to notice myself getting twitches again but this time on a larger scale, say over my whole body, and these weren't just some minor twitches, no,these weren't small there were times that they would progressively go up from my feet to my neck real hard and at other times they would just be all over my body real hard. I would have serious difficulty speaking to people but most difficulty in sleeping, and those twitches have carried on to this day but not as aggressively as before as I gave them a yes and a no, I told the person in control of them that my left side was no and my right side was yes and now they seem to use that whenever I do something.

I can speak to these people and they respond with a yes and a no I even plead with them to stop which they do on occasions. I tell them my innermost feelings and my views on what I want to do in life, things I want to see, places I want to go, etc etc and they do the yes and no twitches on me that's when I realised the purpose of the twitches with is to get these things out of me which in turn is sold to the media, they basically selling my soul and anyone's speech towards me to the media! I then began to do some research on the problem I was facing..... at which point I was completely convinced I did and do not have a medical condition by the way.

Received 07-26-2004