Raised by Jehovah's Witnesses. That was plenty of Mind Control already, but in 1982 a group of Sufis discovered me and layered on their own Mind Control bull-shise. The JWs taught me standard religious fanaticism of their special garden variety. The Sufis taught me CON-Spiracy Theory Mind Control, which ironically uses conspiracy theories to mentally entrain subjects.

1982 Kamloops BC, Summit Place Apartments. The Mind Control by the Sufis began in earnest. They only saw me as useful if I would buy into their Alpha Leader sex cult 100%. They were connected with Papa Ivan's Rock Creek cult, but also the Emmisaries of the Divine Light in 100 Mile, Kamloops and Westwold, Salmon Arm and the Essentialist Church of Christ in Vernon BC.

I found several Vernon psychologists were loosely connected with this cult. They were secular mind controlers who were stimply dupes for more advanced experimenters. The psychologists used "Sexual Abuse Recovery" as their introductory point to manipulting people. Various pseudo- science gimmicks were used to draw people in, including "Tappis", "EMDR", "Hypnosis" and a cover of memory retrieval work.

In fact, it is all rubbish. Find the truth yourself. Don't trust the experts. Find your own truth and bail out of the hierarchies that promote a kind of surrender to mind control by freedom from mind control. Be your own guide and dump the gurus. Grrr!

Received 4-9-2004