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Knowing You Are More Than Human

Proof Of 911 Pre-Knowledge

The Websters owner of Central Petroleum Co. (est. 1911) and Columbia Paints also own a 260 acre farm in Lodi Ohio (est. 1839) which they pump natural gas from, they all knew every detail of 911.

PSI-TECH and the people they called knew every detail of 911.Possibly the NASA, DIA, CIA and other intelligence agencies were contacted.

The Websters POLITICAL PULL which consists of many people knew every detail of what I remote viewed including 911.


Websters People: A lawyer in the AA program.( Debra's brother Dan Kruackus who lives in California near Edwards Air-force base told me that the Websters have a lawyer friend in the AA program that used to work for Pete Webster and that they would use this AA lawyer against me and my family) Many people in the AA program were used in this illegal operation. Many people in law enforcement in and out of the AA program were used. Possibly FBI, BATF, Secret Service, Brooklyn police, Detroit police, Lakewood police, North Royalton police and many other possible organizations. ( AA Gazebo Group and many more were involved )...also they mentioned a detective agency right down the street from were there main office in Lakewood Ohio,(may) be used against me. They consisted of retired FBI, ATF, SECRET SERVICE etc. This may be a red herring but I have no doughs in my mind that the active secret service were contacted and used in this operation.

Radio station 106.5 of Cleveland Ohio was also involved.

Remote Viewed from summer of 2000 Thur Feb. 2001 / Most of these events were viewed in Jan. and Feb. of 2001.

much more will be posted later

In late August of 2001 I remote viewed the exact time of a lighting strike at work. This was done in the morning around eight pm and predicted that at 4:05 there would be a very loud lightning sound over head.

At this time I was also asked to go over some of the information that I viewed in Feb. 2001 which pertained to 911. There were twelve people present which included police, AA, temporary people that worked for Area Temps from Parma Ohio. The owner was not present but five of his permanent employees were present. Where this test was performed was in North Royalton off route 82 (royalton road) at a factory where we ground down aluminum air-plane propellers. I thought this test was set up to help prevent 911 and at this time was told to let the police and intelligence agency's handle this matter.

At this time in my life I was monitored very heavily and threatened with death they even came into my AA meetings and threatened me with 10 to 20 years in a federal prison if I said anything at all. They did this with many witnesses at the AA meeting in Brooklyn Ohio's United Church of Christ.

The next set of testing went on down the street at another co. that was also a client of Area Temps. They told me they would give me an apprentice that was a Mormon kid from Utah and needed guidance with alcohol because he was in trouble with the law. I worked here for two months doing testing for these people after 911. They placed a dead rabbit over the back door high up on the parapet wall with blood dripping down and told me if I talk that that would be me.

For years I was trying to notify people and warn them about 911. People do not understand remote viewing period. I have written to the 911 commission many times. I have e- mailed many Senators and Congressmen including Hilary Clinton. I have written to TV stations, newspapers, magazines and on-line sources many times with no avail. I even wrote to the entire press core at the White House about this matter. Got there e-mail address from Move-On organization.

Notified the Cleveland Ohio FBI office a few times about what I remote viewed including the murder of John P. O'Neill.

I performed about 10 live demonstrations at various places with different people and witnesses. This was after I asked to be lay-ed off from work and left Detroit Michigan the second week of February 2001.

Remote Viewed from one week before Thanksgiving 2003 till present

. more detail in future...

I remote all of the above incidents plus hundreds more with exact detail at different locations with many different witnesses from the summer of 2000 up until today which is April 12 2004. Most of the details of 911, FBI agent Hanssen were remote viewed in the first week of Feb. 2001.

I was told in Feb. 2001 that Silverstein would be given the contract to the WTC and there would be absolutely nothing I would be able to do about it. If I talked about any of this information that I would be killed. My personal opinion is that someone high up within the Bush administration was listen in and giving advice, maybe even friends of the Rockefeller's which the Websters were a spin off company of Standard Oil since 1911.

I also remote viewed the 911 commission and that Henry Kissinger would be put in charge. Then Thomas H. Kean would take over the commission.

(note) Keep in mind that shadow people were always used and many people were threatened including the Websters, the people I worked with and probably PSI-TECH too.


Mike Wegrzyn, ancestor of Abraham Clark signer of the Declaration of Independence 4/12/04

Freedom isn't Free / Blazing Star



The Websters protection people that said they were in charge of the Lodi Ohio family farm are the one's to start looking for clues to my murder. They know everything that I have remote viewed over the years. They even set me up to view Joseph Smith, then join the Mormon church and had me meet an intelligence officer that was in charge of protecting the Mormon farm in Kirkland. They took me out to Kirkland to take the tour were Joseph Smith built his first temple. This man was in charge of the security at the Utah Olympics games.

The Websters protection people used many people which I will call second and third string people or players which new very little of the overall knowledge.

Some of these people worked for the Brooklyn police department. They sent out the Brooklyn dog catcher police officer to measure an oak tree that was on American Greeting's property. This tree I remote viewed while working in Detroit Michigan and got the circumference exactly right. I met him and helped him to measure this tree myself while home on the weekend. Two many people were used to list here so I will only name a few.

Other people that new and harassed my family were cops that came to AA meetings in Brooklyn were I live. One was a younger cop that got into the police department after he joined AA. He would have other of his friends come to meetings with him. I do not think all of these people were part of or belonged to the program. They used my next door neighborer and his family quit a bit.

My neighbor is 76 who would always give me little bits of information so that WPP (Webster protection people) made sure I knew they talked and would use everybody in my life to control me and my family.

This mans son and daughter were used to. His son had three friends that would come over and hide out in the back yard shack. When I would leave the house they would go in and do what ever they wanted.

They had my car, house, phone and computer monitored and bugged 24/7 and new every single detail of my family's life. So it was not hard for them to threaten myself and my kids with blackmail or physical harm not to mention psychological harm.

They even had me try to give myself cancer thru remote viewing when I understood very little of this technology.I did one experiment with my eye sight that I will never try again.

Tax threats plus Pele's latest tax threat from the IRS


There were disinformation pages purposely made and put on the computer just to confuse me. Here are a few that I can remember.

(much more to be added)


When I first started RVing they asked me to view David Morehouse and Paul Smith because they were both Mormons. I viewed many things about the Mormon church. My church is on Snow Road in Seven Hills Ohio. Two elders would come to my house every day before I was baptized and they told me Joseph Smith was a real prophet and that he didn't foresee planes slamming into buildings. These people also new every detail of 911 way before it happened.


Was asked to go to Cuba on one of their twice a year visits to save people's souls. Getting caught converting Cuban people to Christianity is a death sentence by there government. They go thru Jamaica by using a birth certificate to obtain a pass-port for Cuban entry. I did not go but did quite a-bit of viewing about this church across the street from me on Tiedeman Ave.

In Brooklyn Ohio, called the Cleveland Baptist Church. They also wanted me and my entire family to go to Africa to one of there mission's in the Ivory Coast . I also did allot of viewing about this country too. They said they would fly back the person that was a minister their and talk to me at the church. They did this after he and his family were there for two years doing missionary work. He apologized for his English while speaking to the congregation because he had been speaking French and the Ivory Coast native tongue for the last two years. I RVed the civil war that would happen there in the near future, and the new church that would be built in a new downtown location.

After I viewed FBI Hassen they had a agent from Indiana come to the Cleveland Baptist Church to meet me. He had Indiana license plates but didn't say much. I think they were just trying to show me how powerful they are when working against me. They had me view the Indiana speed-way with all the bricks and also the three wheeled bicycle.

When they had leaking gas ready to ignite under my car they said to go across the street to the Baptist church and they would have a police officer get up and tell a story about how a woman was trapped in her car and it was on fire. They told me the this story fist in Detroit then I went to church to hear this police officer speak about this lady that was trapped in a burning car and shouted to the police officer to kill her and all he could do was turn his head and pray for her while she burned alive. (nice people- how sic.)

They also front loaded me with information about the Masons building at the corner of my street next to the Metropolitan Parks entrance. They said that police officers belong to this organization and that it would be fatal and suicidal to talk about any of this. (sic)

They also used Ruth Bass a Metro Parks Ranger whom I went to school with at William Rainy Harper / Mooney / and James Ford Rhodes. They even said they would have her meet me while I was at the Cleveland zoo with my kid. I think allot of this was arranged as a red herring to put investigators on a false trail for cover-up purposes.


These people that work for the Websters actually changed the name of a street right before I got to work at the hospital in Detroit there was a street called Webster Rd. They went and changed the name to prove to me how all god mighty powerfully they were. They continually frightened the people that I worked with. They also said to pay attention to the name of the street on RT 82 that I would drive by every day at those two company's that I was doing remote viewing testing at. The name of the street is called Webster Rd.

They also used the name of retired FBI / CIA, director Webster to scare and threaten me with.

Was told that if I talked that they would burn down my house which they did.

For two weeks the Brooklyn Fire Department set my house on fire then put it out for 911 practice.

The shadow police said they would give my land lady a drinking and driving charge just to show me how much they didn't care. Then they would arrange to buy the house from her and sell it to American Greetings after they burn it down.

They tampered with my cars on a steady basis. Many times I had gas leaking from the top of the engine onto the hot manifold pipe under the car.

They threatened me about my daughter many times. They set up and told me every detail of were my kids would go to school, work and live and there would be absolutely nothing that I would be able to do about it. They harassed me on a steady basis at the different motels that they set me up to stay at. Like no heat,f illed my room with bugs that looked like roaches, flooding out my bathroom by flushing the toilet above me. They would tell me at work first before they would do these things. Then verify them the next day in front of the people and witnesses at work to make sure the witnesses would also be to scared to talk or deify these so called unbeatable people. They triad to make every body believe that the situation was hopeless for any of us to take any action other than what they told us. They said the were the authority the law and the intelligence agencies with the power and connections to take the appropriate action.

They threatened to have my son Michael Jr. raped while in jail at Youngstown Ohio prison. That told me in Feb. 2001 that they were going to send him there and make him a trustee. At this time I was told that Joni and Spotts (PSI- TECH)would be giving a lecture there and that they would try and help my kid.

My wife was asked to leave me and take the kids to Strongsville Ohio which she did. The police did this to try and cover there illegal tracks. They gave my daughter a purpose brake job then told me they were going to give her a Remo Williams job on her car which they did. She was not in the car at the time they smashed into it. The car was smashed into from behind while it was parked on Dennison Ave. in Cleveland Ohio. They forced her to live there with the people they set her up to live with right next to a police sub-station and close to Central Petroleum Company's main office. They also told me all of this way before they actually preformed these actions.

They front loaded me with information about the man who murdered Green a gangster that was blown up in his car when I was a kid. His name is Carrabba and was coming up for parole. I viewed he would be released. A new restaurant was being opened in Brooklyn called Carrabba's which they said they were giving my daughter a job at. To this day I don't know if there are any mob ties to the place but they sure know how to scare you.

They had me view this new restaurant before it was built just like the new Federal Court building in downtown Cleveland. (wings & statue) they looked up the blue prints to see how accurate I was.

They had me view many numbers from the on-line game Hollywood Stock Exchange. I did exceptionally good with numbers that they could instantly check with there lab tops and also did allot of practice with the movies on HSX.

They told me they were putting something that is very itchy in my clothes and told me to view a cure for it. It lasted for about 6 months and was very uncomfortable. A hot shower would only make it feel worse. Had to throw out clothes and double wash everything like my sheets. Nothing worked just had to grin and bear it, which was a very hard thing to do. It left lasting impressions on your brain and conditioning. It kind of feels like they ta-too-ed my brain and I couldn't prove any of this even with all the witnesses left behind.

Every time I spoke up there would be people around me to either say I was crazy, distract me or just start over talking very loudly so I would be ignored.

They also told me they were giving me warts / where they would give them and the doctor that they would let me go to. They then would have me view the doctors office visit. They did this so I would not leave town to go to any of the Remote Viewing conventions or conferences which they said they would go to any lengths to stop me me from attending.

They also did this to Scott my wife's nephew who the Webster police were also using against my family.

They went over every member of my family and my wife's and told me what and how they could effect every one of them be it thru health, money, insurance, retirement or boldly harm including death.

They also threatened my brother (Eugene Clark) retired army, who they new every detail about. I was helping him at the VA Hospital in Brecksville Ohio. I was trying to get him out of the revolving door situation that he was in with the courts and jail. My shadow people handlers said that I had no choice but to work with them to help this person. They told me that the Carlyle Group would buy LTV and then split it up and sell it.

They said they would bulldoze the Gray Wolf saloon on state rd. in Cleveland Ohio just because I had old school friends that worked there.

They said they would close down AA meetings which they did to show me how insignificant I was.

There were over thirty extra people coming to my AA home group at the FREEDOM HOUSE on 117th St. in Cleveland Ohio. I would go there every Sunday morning while home for the weekend from Detroit Michigan. This went on for the two years that I worked out of town at different job sites. Like the old Standard Oil refinery in Lima Ohio. (many witnesses there) the new Jeep plant in Toledo Ohio - where a 669 sprinkler fitter ( Ohio Fitter @ ex-retired Army captain )by the name of Bill had everybody continuously harass and scared me at work - new every detail about my home and work life. He said he was related to the Websters, maybe by the name of Towsley. When I would come home from work and tell my wife about him she said she never heard of this man and that I was crazy. These people have lied and scared my wife half to death many times. She thinks she has to listen to them / they really are the best mind manipulators that I could ever imagine.

They told me that they would keep my wife doped up on medication and that she would not be able to handle this situation. They have also used her to influence the kids to keep a continuous dis harmony in the house.

It still goes on to this very day. Even the lady above the Brooklyn Police station knew every thing about me saying that I asked the FBI for protection and thats why they were harassing me and my son at Minute Man temporary job service while working at Hy-Level in Strongsville Ohio. (telling me at work about what is said in my house and car) they would not expose themselves in-front of my son. They even said that this is the last time that they are warning me to keep my mouth shut that I am going to get us all killed.

They started out by having Paul Wester call my wife up and say that Chuck Webster was going to flex his muscel and it won't last long and for me to keep my mouth shut. The next day I get a phone call from these people saying they are the Websters and that my democratic politics of voting for a business manager at my home local 709 Los Angeles Fire Sprinklers had gotten Pete Webster killed. This was ridiculous my voting for the first time had nothing to do with his passing away and they new this. He drank a fifth of (cat piss) a day for most of his life and also was a diabetic that should not have been drinking in the first place. He lived to be 72 which is a true miracle for an alcoholic.

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Kyle my son was even harassed with his paper route and at Brooklyn school.

I remote viewed the New York city mayor Rudy (Guileono) in much detail and they told me he was on his way out. They told me his brother was shot dead on the streets of New York for pointing a gun at the FBI.

Remote viewed the plates of many cars for these people which they could verify on there computers instantly.

Remote viewed many cemeteries and the grave stones with peoples names and structure of the stones.

Harassed at many AA meetings. ( AA club behind bar at 150th st. and Brookpark Rd.)

( AA- at church next to me and the one across the street where the Pastor is an AA member) my wife and kids attended this church for 12 years. United Christ Church of Brooklyn, and the Good Shepard Church of Brooklyn are the names of these two churches.

They had me view many family members illness's and try to help heal them.

They told me about every doctors visit I would go to and make sure that I got feed back from ether the Dr. or anybody there to instill in me the hopelessness of my situation and of there presence and foreknowledge of my arrival. Believe these techniques leave lasting impressions on you.

Remote almost every where I went before going there with these people. Like hospitals they would have me view the man-hole covers outside the building and then the architecture of the building then many things inside the building like pictures hanging on the walls.

Viewed my dad's heart operation and were they performed it then they would front load me with information about the target site and I would try and explain what I saw there.

Remote viewed Kerry's / Cheney's / Grahams and Bushes (face) operation's with great success. Did step-mother's kid operation of cancer. many more.......

Did an AA members mother that would pass away from brain cancer / also tried to help heal this person. They front loaded me with information about a Jewish AA member that would open a small store right in front of the apartment where they forced me to move after they sent my wife and kids to Strongsville Ohio. I viewed many things about him and his friends that they told me about. Like the Brooklyn fire man that was at my house burning / He is the group leader of an AA Wednesday night closed mens discussion group who always thought this was real funny...I really don't know how much information these people were told about the over all picture.

At this same building on Sunday at 12 noon they had a 14 year old kid come up to me and give me a Brookpark police iron on patch and tell me that they would give two tickets that week which they did. They told me that I would never again drive in the state of Ohio. They make every situation in my life impossible.

They tried to threaten , blackmail and use every known dirty trick to force me to leave Ohio and also not to leave the country (because I'm an exceptional remote viewer) and not to move to California or New York state. (nice options from such sweet people) sic. They still have my wife, kids and me traumatized with lies and disinformation. They purposely front loaded me with all kinds of out right lies that I'm still coming across.

The latest harassment came from manipulating my father that raised me. While working in Detroit they told me that if I kept on this path of trying to inform people that they would have my dad remove me from his will. They have just done this after laying me off from a temporary job with Minute-Man Temporary services were they were also harassing me. They used Deb my wife and my step mother Wilma to feed him disinformation about helping my brother and his future. The facts were all twisted around to suit them and there program. My step mother had 6 years in AA then started tacking strong pain pills and stopped going to AA meetings. Being in this seemingly hopeless situation it is very hard to convince anybody about what the real truth is. These people are very good at what they do. They manipulate everything you can possibly think of in my family's life.


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In Feb. 2001 I remote viewed the (911 project) fourteen people with two police officers board. Now it is called something else with PSI-TECH . Will add further info here in the near future...at this time (Feb.2001)I also viewed Bin Laden and poor mans nuke plus Hawaii site. PSI-TECH had other people review these events at later dates so that there would be no evidence of my viewing them in Feb. 2001.

"911" Project - The Next Terrorist Attacks (ongoing)

Osama bin Laden's Present Location (2/22/02)

In this week's issue of The Signal Line, see the session results of a student training target which focused on the military's equipment on the summit of Haleakala volcano on the island of Maui.


Graduate of PSI-TECH and have a sobriety date of 6/6/99.

Thanks and blessings to you all

My last will and testament...I leave all the future book and movie rites to my wife and kids....with all my everlasting love.

Michael John Wegrzyn

April 27 2004

Received 04-27-2004