Whatever it is I brought it from Florida I was in Salt Lake city, Utah, within the last 3 years, tearing faces off with it here Virtual Reality products Tony Veseley USAF can't subject citizens to combat products is mind control they believe they can make you do anything at all with it.

Rapists really sick, individuals, use digital penetration probably broke into your home got paranoid and had you arrested for attempted burgulary still a second they think behind the computer they will be arrested in Texas National Security agency they will be split second.

Tell everyone this its paranoid schizophrnia make you pay for treatments, Brent Zellers Gary Boyer 721 Titusville PD. Governor here bragged about worldwide capability of the products have beeen here since 1965 we can't get the porno wierdo on out Virtually we can't.

Sherriff said later they got their head caught in a bumper in Citrus county, FL. Longwood, FL Virtual terrorism, Using the name Nina velandra saying anything with the device? Are they touching your genitilia so was Adloph Hitler it is Boyer in Titusville, FL. he was under mind control so were the jewish people how long.

GPS Virtual products what these do in testing is a satellite launced overhead your head your a "cow" it tracks even a skiier, downhill and stalk the skier down the hill fast and can pick up every word the skier is saying. even a breath they take during the testing of the product, another one does sears arms and legs off of bodies it is Virtual products. Local mental home its a delusion hallucination it will track all over the world.

The person behind the GPS device can hear every word you say on private property. Its for cash. Picks up private thoughts paranoid VR computer and these thoughts are printed on a computer monitor with an operator behind the computer reading your private thoughts. Biomedical engineering books. Got to be the same thing. They can also view you naked when you shower, it photographs also. The operator jumped on others from Florida and Texas national security agency in D.C. He jumps from body to body and creeps around.

You didnt burgularize anyone they did then called the police from behind the computer on you and called in a fraudulent report that you broke into their home. Fraud you didn't they did. Did that to my little brother and robbed him and raped him of all cash just before they showed up to his address, Brent Zellers, Gary Boyer and Warren Briggs they did all offenders on cocaine, need cash. Stalked us there. Psychopaths.

Virtual reality radiation guided surgical VR, what it does is all this and will sear out genitals and arms and legs. Call this treatments here Brent Zellers at 400 E. Sheridan Rd. Melbournne, FL. is one of them. Mental health treatments. It stalks threats to national security and those famous people which nobody is it penetrates digitally rectum and vagina with radiation some are foreigners, from another country and are capitol rapists and pedophiles

Mind control is a crime criminal act to penetrate anyone brain with any foreign object let him explain the technicalities they are the criminals in the United States. with children have committed suicide over these not just mind control devices all crimes, serve sex crime purposes serious sexual crimes by defendants in the United States all capitol rapists it is battery and assault and burgulary their problem also slander what product they used to unlawfully enter your private property, molest your brain your childs brain sex offenders and or the genitilia. Let them answer it.

Miller & Associates is a law firm recommend that you take a look at his page of all the crimes they all committed need an attorney for all sexual and dabble in it. . Unlawful penetration of the brain or vagina or rectum with any foreign object technical whatever. Non one out their nastier who would believe this crap in the United States make genocide dieing the the Holocaust look like a piece of cake for kids really do. and families easier somehow. We did it was. This is what was done to the Jewish, in Germany.

My child committed suicide over the mind control it was by a violent sex offender who had been to prison before one hasnt. a lot ofthem. Brent Zellers, check him out hes real voices whatever, he does exist at 400 E. sheridan Rd. Melbourne, FL. so is thehead of National Security agency the FBI was arrested and fired for cocaine exportation they had to answer to a higher level of authority. They would go a long way to rape need sex their kind of sex all violent sex battery not a relationship at all. Never was one.

Get into his mind find out why do you tink minds under control for violent sex acts ultimate goal cash, and rape, to fullfill their fantasies about sex rape fantasies and to watch saiistic rapists who watch you suffer. understand.

I married a manic depressive and pervert it got bizarre with the mind control my mother married into the Pentagon Agency in D.C. it got rapist like, my aunt married into the National Security agency in D.C. it got rape like and mind controlling, and into he FBI agency got rapist like remaind this way for over 35 years. Lennie Carr 431 Riviera Blvd. Indialatnic, is into controlling minds of children and raping them shes a source of victimization. of women and children and pornography in the United States main source. Got to be another country or something has to be doing this to Americans.

Miller & Associates lawyers for the sickos defense.. Search subject on the web is "unlawful penetration of a foreign object" is unlawful look this up tons of cases and information about it and arrested persons and their pictures who did this.

Tony veseley USAF main source of information on mind control