Charles R. Heath


My name is Charles R. Heath, and I am going to tell my story in several installments.

I have been under electronic attack for over three years. This attack was authored by my own relatives and strangers that some how got a electronic device capable of Two way communications, pain giving, skin irritation, shared sight, forced sleep, forced wake up and dream invasion.

This device, I believe was installed at University of Chicago Hospital' mental ward. I went there because I believed that I was hearing and seeing things. This torture came about because of an alleged auto accident, where a female called Kiki Saunders accused me of hitting her with my vehicle. This revenge tactic started about a year after the supposed accident, in which no police or injured party contacted me.

Also there were individuals that seemed to be upset because my family owned too many cars. People called me out to fight physically, but when my relatives looked out the door, there was no one present. I called the police, but they called me crazy. I seemed to hear things and I noticed people following me. They followed me to my job, and I over heard that they poisoned by water. ( I believe that this was a hearing enhancing chemical.) I began to doubt my sanity and so did my family.

When I saw a red light ball on my wall, that I could not duplicate later, I admitted myself to the hospital. (Foot note to that) They forced me to stay after I signed release forms. The forms were accompanied by a patients bill of rights, that was blatantly disregarded.

I wanted to sue the hospital to escape, but since I did have some stress in my life, I decided to see if they could help me. It was the night after my release, that I heard a strange noise and voices, when I went to bed at my sister house on the south side of Chicago. I hear the voice of one of her neighboors, yet my sister heard nothing.

Since that day, I believe that I have been under electronic surveilance. The pain started later. I shall write other installments later covering my three year ordeal.

Thank you and my feeling for those suffering with me.
Received 5-9-2003

The 'Davis' are in constant fear that the victims will organize. Athough parade permits will be denied by powers that are ignoring our requests for justice, let us assemble in large groups and have peaceful demonstration. Soon I wiil be contacting other victims and attempt to do such a thing.

I have physical descriptions and names of some of the people that I suspect are in co-operation with U.S. government's operations in The Chicago area. These are the people may or may not have been forced to do this thru blackmail. Osborne Construction on the site at 86th and Cottage Grove a black man late 30's, about 5' 8" 230 lbs bald headed driving a 78 white Cadillac four door sedan, talked to a white carpenters crew working on the foundation. I believe he put a chemical in my water that increased my hearing range . Later on gausian lights were shone though my bedroom by neighborhood toughs recruited by the "Davis organization" . My van was broken into articles taken, my garbage rummaged thru. I believe there were three early 30's Jimmy, James and Frank, the first two muscular types, black men about 5' 10' medium brown complexion, the third who lead them I have no description for him. Kiki Saunders a black female early twenties about 5'6" light brown complexion slender build about 110 lbs. Woola La flora ,Steven Laflora and Delia Saunders the first recognizable voices I heard over the electronic device.