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I'm a target of a group of perpetrators of whom I was once aquainted with that I now realize are a group of terrorists. They are what I call "Modern Day Blend-In Terrorists". I know where most of them live if they haven't moved. I have most of their first and last names. If you contact me I can supply you with photo copies of some pictures I have of them. I'll do my best to reward anyone who will help to discourage them from going on torturing me this way.

I'm in need of expert advise and defense equipment. My body is the target of some type of invisible target- locking beam that I believe uses a combination of ultrasonic, infrared, x-ray and others. It has very long range capabilities, perhaps in the thousands of miles. I believe that the perpetrators controlling it are a group of old aquaintances of mine that became organized criminals. It has proven to induce heart attacks, cancer, schitzophrenia and other very painful effects. I'm in desperate need of expert assistance in initiating a counter strategy in order to bring them to justice, discourage them from future torture and harassment, buy and apply equipment capable dibilitating the effects of their equipment and/or hiring someone that provides a service in making them stop. I know they will end up killing me if I don't find the right help with the right equipment. They already killed my mother and father. Their target-lock isn't painful all the time but it does send a continuous audio transmission which is below the common voice microphone and tape recording spectrum. I must find a way to break their lock and track them down. Please pass this email along to any agency or private individual trained in handling this type of situation. I can afford to compensate a reasonable amount for the help. Please don't contact my email address if you have a method of helping me solve this problem, I fear that the message will be mis-routed. Please contact me through my postal mail address only. Thank you for supplying this form.

Scott Hymers
P.O. Box 6284
Corona, CA 92878-6284

Received 08-13-2004

Update 11-26-2004

Hello everyone, I'm writing today in hope to get a bit of help from one of the perps or any other knowledgable in the area of reception amplification and tuning in the voice transmissions used in "mind control" systems.

My situation entails a point of quit or die, and that goes for all involved, those being myself, a group of my ex- friends (the terrorist homicidal perps) and the large and ever growing population of those that have been unwillingly made aware of the serious danger posed by the perps. The perps are drifting further from their previous fear of being ruled guilty by any criminal court system. Because of this they have began to expose themselves by making the people I meet in my everyday life aware of their actions and their "blind" intentions. They have drifted so far that they are actually feeling confident in assuming that the people around me are for their plan to overthrough our government and that they support the public torture and slow execution of myself.

What I have written to ask you the public to do is meet with me and analyze the transmissions and bring them to an audiable level like that of a transister radio to broadcast their satanic boasts of how they were un-questioned by law enforcement and how they ruthlessly murdered my innocent mother Gertrud Hymers in 1999, first with the use of an unconfirmed suspect that fired an automatic weapon through my mothers front door of her home in which she struck in the leg with a bullet. They brag about how they manipulated the shooter by use of mind control. Later they used electromagnetic satellite earth viewing zoom to pin- point an area of her throat and induced cancer that led to her death.

They are very difficult to convince of the reality that the people around me in my everyday life aren't for their movement but actually passive and informative to the US Guard and other defense organizations in letting them know of my situation. They are failing to believe that their publically broadcasted premeditation to murder and the already violent srikes upon/within my body and the mental harassment is in actuality being surveilled by many US and foriegn Investigators who can't call in the terrorist attack teams unless they go through with the murder of my 30 year old life.

They must be convinced that killing me after the fact of their public broadcasting of their intentions to many many citizens would result in countermeasures that would certanly lead to the loss of their own lives.

I believe that bringing their messages to the load speakers of the free 100 pocket radio units I will be giving out as soon as someone will contact me to do the necessary filtering and amplification to make them heard out loud.

Contact me Scott at 951-858-1408 God Bless