Yogesh Shekhawat


I am 37 year old computer software professional whose family including my two year old daughter has been put through this phase of torture and harassment by management and leadership of group called RERA(Real State Risk Assessment)with Bank Of America (One of the largest bank in united states) by using evil technolgy like mind control.

The human torture and abuses we are experiencing are considerable specially how this sick management is trying to torture my 2 year old kid with this experimental under cover mind control technology.

I appreciate if you read all the details and request you to spread word about this incident so that this torture and harassment could be stopped for my kid and family.

I was hired by Bank Of America as contractor on 17 june 2001 to develop software for business unit called RERA(REAL STATE RISK ASSESSMENT) whose job is to assess the value of real state properties by using different appraisal technique for commercial loans. I was happy to get this job as I will be getting exposure in my field by working with one of the biggest Financial Institution in United States.

My happiness was pretty short lived as I experienced different way of software management for doing any kind of quality software development right from the start in this group. To press me against the wall and force me to work as per their strange work environment expectation , I was tried to get fired twice while working on this project by responsible management staff. I still tried to put up with all this strange management tactics and still tried to focus on my job despite all harassment I was getting on this software project from this management . After getting pushed around and harassed by responsible management on this project for six months,I Finally started talking to business unit(REAL STATE RISK ASSESSMENT) to find out what they really want from me. I have been told to delay my software project release for one year (three months at a time) which I did under temperature and pressure of actors involved on this project. Business unit and management involved with this project still did not satisfied with my work (probably furious because I still put up working release of this software project into production environment) so now they tried to put my whole family through this phase of torture , harassment and humiliation by using their sick manipulation "Management tactics".

I have been told that I was fired effected immediately and sent home on Dec 19th 2002 . I have been stopped from taking any other employment by keeping my whole family under watch 24/7, tapped telephone line and tapped internet connection so that I can be manipulated, harassed and tortured as per the game plan of this management. It's been two year now since my family including my 18 months child is getting harassed and tortured by this monster management and their leadership by working with behind the cover government agency.

My family has been getting harassed and tortured with all the different means possible. This include my child born on oct 20 2002. My child was conspired to give liquid cortisone Depomedrone "Mind Control" implant in january 2003 by converted her into a remote controlled experimental toy and taken her basic human right away to think and speak freely for rest of her life. What they have done to my kid is totally inhuman and unspeakable crime. She had major problems like loosing lot of weight and her growth percentile came down to below 50% from 95% right after when she was conspired to give this implant .There might be other side effects and complication which I am not aware of at this time. She has been tortured and harassed by using this mind control implant since then by not letting her sleep in night, continuous crying, making her get into accidents while she walk around the house , basically to make her do anything and everything to play this sick manipulation game with intention of torturing and harassing me and my wife for past two years. My only child has been turned into a slave for rest of her life by this remote control implant which is controlled by this sick management and leadership involved. I don’t have proper words to describe my pain for what they have done to my kid. Mentally torturing and harassing my daughter alone was not enough so apart from this She has been tortured and harassed physically at doctor’s visit.

This method of "torture" used in my case is usually delivered courtesy of a satellite which tracks you, personally 24/7 . A laser directs live thought feeds, threats and computer-generated dreams to manipulate human thought process. It travels the nervous system as electrical impulses and registers in the brain; by passing normal hearing mechanisms. Only the target hears it.The motives for this form of oppression seem to go beyond providing an "annoyance" and manipulation. The hope "seems" to be that the victim will be discredited if they react badly to the verbal threats, abuse, taunts OR approach the wrong people for assistance. Since last two years , me and my family been harassed and humiliated as a target of an this experimental technology (again, satellite based) which allows the magnetic field around your head to be monitored. This powerful scanning and tracking system delivers the results to an unknown facility with an advanced computer system capable of interpreting the brain wave patterns it receives; instantaneously.The aural feedback then makes for a means of remote interrogation and/or psychological torture. Combined with audio/visual surveillance the overall situation is like being in an electronic POW camp.

The human torture and abuses I'm experiencing are considerable specially how this sick management is trying to torture my 2 year old kid with this experimental under cover mind control technology.However , what also concerns me is that their exist leadership and management in big corporation like Bank Of America who can allow "use" of such evil technologies to manipulate people and do this kind of totally inhuman experiments on children which could really get bad name for whole organization.

People and management involved knows no limit for human and brain manipulation in their pursuit of total control of human life, they could go to any possible length to justify their objectives. They should be stopped from keep harassing and torturing families like me.

I appreciate your time reading this blog and request you to spread word about this incident so that this torture and harassment could be stopped for my kid and family.

I am giving my email address in case some body want to contact me:

Received 09-09-2004