Psychological terror, all alone, fear of losing my mind, these were some of the things I went through. I was tortured daily

In 1996 I lived in Texarkana Texas and had gone through a divorce when I noticed that I was being shadowed. I lived all by myself and worked for an organization that was government "affiliated". At first I thought it was just my imagination as I never have had anything like this happen to me. When I realized that there were several different cars behind, in front, on parallel side streets where ever I went I was horrified.I would say there were 20 to 30 vehicles involved. I saw several of the cars parked at the police station.

I know someone was in my house when I left and things would disappear and then turn up months later. People would get out of their cars to curse me at stop lights. Gave police plate numbers but they were not traceable. Ha Told my family what was happening to me but they acted like I was crazy. Don't have a relationship with them to this day. Don't have a social life because I don't know who those people were.

People moved in next door and EVERYTIME I would go to the kitchen they would come out into their back yard and stare at me through my window. A neighbor across the street hung himself and being as terrified as I was, I thought it was a sign and that I was next.

I am very uneasy putting all this into writing because I'm afraid it will start again. I've never told anyone my family because they would think I'm crazy. I almost killed my ex because I thought he was doing it. I called my Mom and she talked me out of it. I had security lights on both sides of the house and they would go out and I would be in sheer terror. Not burn out, just go out and then come back on.

There is more but I think you get the idea. This kind of thing will mess with your mind but by damned I'm still here and very angry that people would take money to torture another person.

I never did anything to deserve this.

By the way Texarkana has Truman Arnold Co. here, an Army depot, and Kerr Mcgee in the area. Always wondered if there was something I heard or saw at work that caused this.

If there are anymore victims from this area I would like to help. I know I can't be the only person this has happened to.

Received 09-23-2004