Mind reading - automatic people.

by jstryla

Totalitarian system can exist in a hidden form at the present time with a camouflage of numerous democratic ideologies, laws and institutions. Also with "free, independent" media controlled by security systems.

The modern technology can control societies, the whole community and some individuals. The last case reaches an extreme potentiality comparable with the genotype's manipulation which can produce any biological creature with needed properties or features, but always with usage of the existing materials. The last case is less officially, publicly known then the consumers production and managing of case number one. The last case can be used against peoples who think too clearly and independently and want to communicate or change anything in the actual direction of the human societies transformation. The traditional development was based on freedom of creativity and thinking not limited by delivered permitted schemes and ranges. Totalitarian systems fight specially strongly against independent thinking to not lose the control on the crowd of the consumers. Security systems have also the unwritten task.

The physical violence belongs to expensive war conflicts. The totalitarian peace is more profitable. It is enough to control free, independent minds and opposite voices. The system is based on a mind repressing. One can read mind i.e. decode electromagnetic physiology activity of brains. All notions or emotional states are repeating states of brain. It is not problem for supercomputers epoch. Evoking or detecting pain in mm area of human body seems to be so easy. Non-contact crystallising of urine in urinary pipe is simple. Acting on enzymatic glands and contest of your imagination can be considered.

Knowing all you clearly think the system may ruin you life completely. Its ingredient - a sound system - can send to you in any place, in buildings, out of cities sound messages. It is not possible to completely eliminate the sounds because their multi-sources character and a way of focusing onto your head. The typical totalitarian methods, possessing wide evidences if they refer to fascism or Stalinism, blackmailing and threatening can appear in the new, more powerful environment. It is appeared that the security system knows all details of your life and declares to understand you and tries to order what you need to do up to simple orders: stand up, go, kill etc. Your opinion is that they are only primitive, deeply pathological deviants. Then, you will be through many years 24 h per day persecuted by the system. They comment what you do in any place, what you have done earlier in any place. Their language is vulgar and obscure. It contains only menaces and invectives. Its rhythm and quality are typical for a handbook psychopath thinking. They also know and use the wave spectrum of all voices you met including your own. They are professional murders. You can not normally contact with them. They are used in the system many years and stay slavers of their constructors. They are not independent peoples. Any hesitations are solved by a voice, they treat as their own voice, with the best argumentation. The soldiers find the depositors of their freedom.

The system covers all areas of activity of societies. Administrations, business, media, but also art, science etc. You still defend. They transform you old friends in malicious mannequins, send on you hundreds of phantoms of people you have ever known or seen in TV e.g. last evening. They modify all sounds around you to arrange provocations, scandals, criminal accidents. The media hidden blackening and menacing can be as wide as you wish.

The system of killing people has not its expression in the laws, a limitation as for cloning of human being or experimenting on human being can not be used. Nevertheless, some sharp observers may find many allusions to the system in e.g. movies. Now, the automats do not even hide before you. They show their mind reading access. But they are no visible wires, no any chance to break the crime. Escape to freedom is not possible. Again, they declare that they will kill you. You are planning to discuss with the phantoms. You are arrested by uniform policemen and in the prison the sound system is again aggressively active. Try again, you will not leave the prison as a normal man. Some suicides trials? Never mind. The uniform police has intervened, the sound system has increased its aggressive presence, a hidden agent has appeared which know you perfectly. If you are after alcohol and soporific drug you are free, you have permission to your free suicide death. The mixture has not worked as you have wished. Try again if you are not agreeing to be an automat.

J. S.
Poland, Europe