3rd Generation MC target

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Hi there.

I became aware of MC in Nov 2002. Previously, I just thought the quirky incidents in my life were "normal". Now I know that I am a 3rd generation victim of the devastating power that is called Mind Control. Both my parents, and more than likely, my maternal (German/Russian immigrants) and paternal(Scottish immigrants)Grandparents lives were influenced by the treachery of the system that seems to work on the Bell curve system- only a few get to have everything that is good, while the majority receive incredible hardships and trials for not being "perfect".

Once upon a time I had a decent lifestyle: good'government' job, some travel, nice family, athletic, community volunteer and now, my parents are passed, my brother has turned his back on me (MC victim too), I'm out of a job and "not employable", and, my friends are no longer there for me.

The victimization of MC has become a cycle of different series of actions against me- I call them 'factors'...Candles being lit when I arrive home (home break-ins factor); clothing exchanged for smaller sizes (eeek, I can't be that big!)(destroy body image factor), clothes destroyed as seams come apart, buttons fall off, zips don't work, elastic overstretched (clothes budget factor); bankruptcy fear force the selling of my home & possessions- (Can't own anything of value factor); car vandalized time after time, (money goes to fixing car and nothing else factor) and a 'robotized vehicle' swerving around the road, accelerating or braking without me controlling the pedals (perps control all mechanicals factor); controlled eating, drinking, sleeping, #1 and #2 stuff,(perps control body functions factors!)

My body is under constant attack physically and mentally. I have experienced symptoms of numerous diseases, sometimes so severely I feel I am not going to live through the night, and then, I am fine (health factor). I've experienced the sensation of fingers, body and nose being in deep arctic temperatures in the hottest months of the year (Chill factor). My body sweats in particularly odd spots, and only those spots (too embarrassing to mention where)(Heat/sweat factor). My hair loss is one constant at least- my long hair keeps pulling out in my brush and my garbage can is full of hair (Balding factor?!?)

My apartment has fluctuating water temperatures when I take a shower (funny, so did the last 2, as well)(trust factor), the pipes will squeal (sensitive hearing factor), then that problem quits, only for the upstairs neighbor to drop things on the floor at odd hours of the night(neighbor perp factor).

Street theatre is constantly present when I leave my apartment. Hi- beam head lights, whistling, honking horns, clearing throats, soldier style arm swinging. Right now a new phase is a subject thread, like on a message board, that is continued in the paper, on the tv show, tv news, read on the web- all with the same subject for like a week.

The best part of that is that the few 'friends' that I can socialize with are right in tune with the 'subject' too! I don't know what is on the horizon for me, but it is obvious that 'factors' seem to drift in and out of my MC existence.

So,....well,.....My best wishes to everyone.

First memory of mind control influence: Kindergarten, learning to tie my shoelace on the 'test boot' and I felt really out of body and couldn't do it. I was raised Lutheran, but I can't believe that there is a god now. It's just an 'obsessive compulsive pathological liar with sociopath tendencies' who wishes to remain anonymous (What's my Line?) Maybe it is a 'black hole'? Wishful thinking? Hug and kiss my loyal, brave Dad (George) and my fabulous Mother (Trudy) and tell them I love them more than anything else in the world.

Received 12-03-2003