Having lived in and emigrated from a Soviet block country during the cold war, and after having endured many hardships in order to move to a free country, I do not take my freedoms for granted. After serving on active duty, in the reserves and in the National Guard I figured that I had earned the right to exercise my constitutional privileges, freedom of speech, and the right to critique our institutions and my leaders. This was one of the main reasons why I had given several years of my life to military service. Not all seemed to agree. Recently I have learned that patriotism is not about taking the easy and convenient way, but about doing the right thing which is difficult.

It was the end of the last semester at school, as part of an Internet project I had put together a website which discussed current socio political issues. The subject matter ranged from the invasion of Iraq and big business, to the infringement and erosion of individual and constitutional rights, to issues involving pharmaceutical companies. I had my doubts about potentially harmful and untested vaccinations, and depleted uranium munitions. To make things more interesting I included a couple of short videos which discussed the topics of information and information warfare, and CIA and drugs, among other things, these videos described how pertinent facts are drowned out by an overabundance of useless information. Of particular interest was an MK-Ultra video, part of this video depicted a victim who briefly described the invasion of her mind and the drugs administered to her.

It seems that I hit the nail right on the head, in the least I struck a nerve, and ironically it was those who wanted to keep this information secret the most who proved that I was right with their hateful, brutal, and sadistic reaction. I learned that these days you don’t get pulled out of your car and beaten for expressing non-mainstream views. These days the clubs are replaced by technology and cheap shots from hidden and seemingly untraceable criminals, who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets from surfacing, while demanding the complete abandonment of privacy form others.

Since the completion of my website, within the course of approximately one year, my carrier goals have been ruined, one job after another seemingly slipped threw my fingers, my health has been damaged, attempts on my life have been made, I have had two surgeries, I have experienced what can only be described as torture, I have had potentially fatal car trouble, suspicious pet trouble, my family members have experienced car trouble or back problems, my relationship has fallen apart, I have found key loggers on my personal computer, suggesting breaking and entering, my mail has disappeared in the postal system, some of my friends have distanced themselves, two have been involved in vehicular accidents, I have been followed, harassed on highways, and in public placed. Inquiries into these events result in fatigue, amnesia, or doses of radiation threw the wall, which leave me drained.

It wasn’t until I discovered information about psychotronics on the Internet that things started to make sense to me, like pieces of a puzzle it all started to fall into place. The information contained on the http://mediamatrix.puissante.com/0f/b.htm website was as sobering as it was informative. Time and time again, the author seemed to be describing situations which I have experienced during the preceding months. These events leave no doubt in my mind that psychotronic technology is not only real, but that it is used to inflict suffering and to bring misery into the lives of many innocent people. These crimes go beyond invasion of privacy, as they boarder on the violation of human rights and the invasion and control of ones mind. I find it ironic that those who point the finger and accuse other nations of human rights violations should be involved in similar activities. My experiences often leave me wondering about what exactly this technology makes possible.

By the graduating year at college I had been following a spiritual path and meditating for over four years. I did not realize it at the time, but I was beginning to pierce the veils that could our eyes, I was beginning to perceive more and more of the world as it truly is. This made me both an asset and a treat to some, and they were just as quick to use me as they were to dispose of me afterward.

Shortly after I completed my website, I broke my ankle while roller blading. A leg injury could easily have been accomplished by means of clumsiness with psychotronics, as described on the media matrix website. While quite painful and debilitation this is a seemingly normal and innocent occurrence. Sure, maintaining deniability is always a factor in these types of operations, but as it turned out there was more to this incident. Since I had no medical insurance there was only one hospital I could go to, the local veterans hospital, and they were waiting for me when I got there. My computer had been under surveillance, they read my diary, and they knew that I had been meditating for the past few years. While at the hospital I took part in a remote viewing operation to gather intelligence about the war in Iraq. My assumption is that the main stream media is an integral part of the mechanism which directs the masses, presumably mind control and psychotronics also play a role.

This was not the first, and not the last time that I would provide information pertaining to national security. The first time was a couple of weeks prior, just following an announcement, which stated that authorities suspected that a remote controlled drone was being brought into the country. The point of entry for this weapon came to me in a vision, shortly after the announcement, and if I am not mistaken it was brought into a sea port. I recall seeing cargo crates, large hangers, and cranes.

While at the hospital, part of my treatment seemingly required that I be taken off of my medication, following the surgery, so that I may be allowed to writhe in pain for a good part of the night. Each call for assistance was ignored. I assume that I experienced pain with psychotronics during this time, furthermore I believe that some sort of programming was conducted at this time as we are more susceptible to input during times of distress. I am certain that mind reading was conducted during my stay, whether this was accomplished with psychotronic technology or without, I can not say for certain.

I’m not entirely convinced that spirituality should be used to further the purpose of war or killing; these people apparently have no spiritual outlook and did not see things as I did, no one was asking for my opinion in any case.

These were the people whose side I was to join, or in the least I was to be silenced. Admitting that I took part in the efforts which complemented national security would also indicate that the information contained in my website was correct, and as time went by more and more of these seemed to be confirmed. Similarly, admitting that psychotronic technology is real would also validate the fact that thousands of people have suffered hideous crimes at the hands of the perps. These people will stop at nothing to keep the existence of psychotronics a secret even if it means that the population has to forgo the potentially wonderful benefits which this technology has to offer.

My ankle was broken in two spots; I received five pins and a metal plate. My carrier goals were shattered, my health damaged. It took several months to regain semi-normal walking ability. One job after another would slip threw my fingers. But I continued to cling to my views that as citizens of a free nation we have the right to free speech and more importantly free thought, and it was the latter which was becoming more and more infringed upon. Any defiant behavior resulted in fatigue, or amnesia, as a form of punishment. As time went on, and I continued to resist, someone had made the decision that it would be best to dispose of me altogether; this is where I began to experience car trouble with psychotronics.

As I was traveling on the highway this summer, my front right tire nearly blew out. Fortunately the damage was noticed and the tire replaced. The strange thing about this incident was that the tire looked fine just hours before; I looked at it the preceding day. One failed attempt, next they would take a more direct approach. As I drove, it became late and I began to feel tired, needing to rest I started to look for a place to sleep. A state trooper or a sheriff pulled me over because my license plate light was out. I felt inclined to ask him about a possible resting spot. He informed me that there was a quiet spot just a couple of miles down the road. “You will be safe there.” I found the spot, it was a road next to the highway, vegetation and brush blocked the view from the interstate. I pulled out my sleeping bag and rested in the back of my truck. Shortly there after, just after I slipped into sleep I heard foot steps in the brush. Who ever was moving toward my truck was trying to mask the sound of his feet with the sound of passing by semis, moving only as the trucks passed by on the highway. I readied my knife, which I always kept handy those days. I got out of my truck and wrapped up my sleeping bag. I took a look around with my flash light; no one was to be seen. As I drove down the road, getting ready to merge onto the highway I noticed that a truck was parked near the on ramp, someone got inside and it quickly sped away in front of me. I got a room for the night down the road a ways, that night I experienced strong anxiety and fear. I bet this was accomplished with psychotronics as well. I know myself well enough to know what my natural fear response feels like, this was nothing that I have ever experienced before, completely unnatural. A few weeks later my fuel injector went bad, it leaked fuel over the engine and the exhaust manifold. Up to this point my truck had been very reliable. Recently my brother’s front tires nearly wore trough, but only on the inside, you could not see the damage unless you got underneath the car. His braking system also developed a malfunction causing it to leak braking fluid. During the past months our dog developed three pea-sized growths on her body, and she became sick once.

My next freak accident left me bleeding on the beach in California. I visited a friend in Los Angeles, the serf was up, and we decided to do some body surfing one night. As I walked out into the surf zone I stepped on something, I assume that it was a stingray, but I do not know for sure since I never saw what it was. Whatever it was severed the artery which runs down the leg into my foot. Fortunately an off duty paramedic happened to be around and he helped to control the bleeding, nevertheless, by the time I got to the hospital I had lost so much blood that the doctor did not believe that a major artery could have been cut, since the bleeding had subsided to just a trickle. The doctors wanted to send me home with a mere band aid; thankfully, my friend repeatedly and persistently assured the staff that the bleeding was quite severe just moments ago. Exploratory surgery was performed and my artery was cauterized. During this procedure I had lost more blood. I was sent home with barely enough strength to make a short walk up a flight of stairs.

Not one apology or admission of guilt has been offered, only deception and aggression. It seems it’s the only way these people know. I find it troubling that our tax money goes to fund the efforts of such individuals, and a system which rewards cruelty with more power. In my case the homeland security act only took away my privacy and safety. Taking for granted peoples efforts and lives, the very people whom I served tried to destroy me. These “professionals” whom we entrust with our protection seem to lack any honor, integrity, or decency. Not being able to influence people to incriminate themselves they produce false evidence to tarnish their image. Thus I have been asking myself, what but empty words is left of the terms “one nation under GOD”, and “liberty and justice for all”.

I think by now I have seen just about every dirty trick in the book.

I simply can not write off the fact that all this started to happen following the completion of my web page, as mere coincidence, nor do I think that I survived numerous attempts at my life and months of torment as a result of dumb luck. Rather, I attribute this to guidance from a higher consciousness. It was not chance or dumb luck, rather faith in GOD and spirituality, which guided and carried me along this troubled path.

Received 04-21-2004