Luis Enrique Alejandre del Arco


I have been a victim of electronic and phychotronic harassment for more than six years & and actually am I, and & lived since I borned in a huge mind control scene. I Know who are my phychoperpetrators: They are illuminati, betwen them they are top level leaders of catolic chuch (Pope is one of them, they are supported by federal police in my country, and obvioslly for the President.They have tried for more than six years to join them to they satanic and well organizated organization, and tried to change my sexuals preferences (I am an heterosexual man) and they are tried to change my thoughs about them, because I though they live in a huge lie (about Jesus´s life and doctrine) and they are sick and hipocryt people, and though that all the alucination they created in my brain are necesaries for my own benefit. In the huge my control scene they uses many people because as a zombies, they tell them what will they have to do in order to take place in the mind control scene accordind to they orders based in stupid budgets. But people does´t have to see the true.

I already in process, please send me an account for reach you and send you my aerticle when it is finished.

Next I have to put all my investigation in a web page, I hope the NSA, who support the pychoperpetrators and is gulty of the alucinations based in they stupid budgets, don´t destroy or denied access to them.

Received 07-01-2004