Tony Fabrizio


They committ serious crimes and have no idea what kind of repurcussions they are going to face in the very future.

There are sick people out there who would like to see me fail as an individual. They call it "restitution." For what... I don't know. They give it everything they got to see my relationships fail whether it be at work or at home. They see me as a serious threat or demise to their program. They remind my of my shortcomings, my dead animals and anything that may cause negativity in my life. Their goal is to put my into isolation (away from loved ones) so they can concentrate on breaking me down. My perserverance will prevail. Other people have gone into my immediate place, vehicle, residence and have heard the same things that I hear and it scares them. They would rather not be in my environment which limits my friendships. Much unlike how my life use to be.

Received 05-17-2004