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Update 09-20-2004

Update for victims.This may help some of you.Some of what you are experiencing is actually normal crime mixed in with harassement[all types]

Many have talked about street theater. If you are being suddenly cut off in traffic [cars jumping over in front of you alarmingly close without turn signals being given].There is a high probality that a auto insurance fraud ring is working the area. I call it organized randomnality.The perps are organized. For the poor hapless unaware victim it seems like a random act. It's not. Your car is whats being targeted in this case not necessarily you. Exactly which vechiles are usually targetted I truly dont know.The only vechiles I can authenticate targetting on are older vechiles. Some lame brain nitwit moron led the idiots to believe that people driving older cars either have problems with their license,insurance or driving record. In reality nothing could be further from the truth. Most people who drive older cars do so because they are cheaper and easier to work on.

Street Theater in retail malls grocery stores. In the parking lot it could still be an auto insurance theft ring. Within the store its usually a sign of spotlight and deflection theft. One team creates havoc by disruption to customers products exc. The more commotion the better. It's designed to get the attention of employees management. While the first team creates the havoc the second team is elsewhere stealing anything and everything they can. [or were assigned to] If you happen to be a customer and find yourself in the middle of those creating havoc. It's vitally important that you do not show any reaction to it. If you do show reaction they will escalate the tactics.[they see that it works]Theres also the possibility that the security team is green and might confuse your reactions as a sign that you are/were part of the theft ring even though you arent/weren't. If you are so inclined make note of the physical features and dress of the perp. When you get a clear shot give it to management.

Note If youve been the victim of violent crime, especially domestic violence. following this tactic at first, may be one of the hardest things ,you've ever done. Chiefly due to the brain washing your batterer has instilled into you. You are to blame for everything that happens exc. You deserve everything that happens to you. They've probaly threatened to have you followed beaten killed exc. Please know this you arent being personally targeted. You're being targeted as any other customer might be. Remember their goal is to create havoc so the other tean can do the actual stealing.


I dont discount the fact that implants have been found in people. People who weren't asked and didnt give consent. Many of these people arent incompetant and couldn't be considered incompetant by any stretch of the imagination. Has it dawned on anyone that a falsefied,fraudulent,counter feit proxy may have been used. Based on errounous and even completely falsefied information. [To give an example many domestic violence victims are misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia paranoid delusional disorder. These victims have reason to be paranoid. Their paranoia is usually only limited to the batterer,the batterers friends and family. It usually doesnt extend to other people or situations. This paranoia isn't curable with medication [olazapam]unlike a true schizophrenic.}

Has it dawned on anyone that a criminal orginization may be using rohypnol and ketamine to knock their victim out. At which point they could commit any crime of their choosing. Including inserting a vetinary tag into them. Yes just like cattle. They can be had for less than 30 bucks. Insertion needle included.What would be the object in this? I'm guessing to keep track of someone that they think can bring them down. Maybe to make the victim appear crazy. This way they believe that no official will believe them. In essence allowing the perps to continue commiting crimes to their victim [without getting caught][If the victim is a dv victim this should be automatically investigated. Many batterers display a Psychological Munchhaussen’s By Proxy Syndrome.

Has it dawned on anyone that this criminal organization is nothing more than a high tech version of the fraud ring known as the travellers?

Has it dawned on anyone that inpersonation of govt officials is this organizations stock and trade?This is also why many people victims believe that its the government doing it. It was designed to appear that way. Has it ever dawned on anyone that a old S.O.A. kill tactic with a copper wire could be adapted to make a person appear well less than sane. A covered wire[found in any hardware store]could be inserted into the ear or even behind it.[btw it leaves a foriegn body granuloma] At short range it could produce unusual effects.These effects end at the end of the transmission range.It also produces a nasty type of ear infection.[This has happened to some of the people visting these boards,btw its not an accident that most who have had this done have lived in tampa at some point.]

Another even more plausible explaination for tracking devices and tortue.

Some of the people currently targetted have been identity theft victims. It's also entirely possible that they have been violent crime victims in the past as well. I know for a fact that this is true in my case.

I was the victim of a brutal and sadistic rapist many years ago. My rational was that 90% of human race including criminals operate from a logical base. Of the other 10% 8% are psychopathic and 2% commit acts simply because they can.

I really thought that the chances my former rapist having anything to do with what I began to experience was next to impossible. I figured that it was more likely that the person who had commited identity fraud was more likely the culprit. So when it escalated to unoccupied breakins unlike most people I was actually relieved.

I thought ok you've swiped and filmed my personal papers. Fantastic you'll realize that I'm not who you're looking for. Wrong answer.

It then escalated to occupied break ins [when asleep, I sleep heavily and always have] I awoke to find needle marks on my arm. This happened roughly five times in a seven year period .After every shot but the first I had headache so bad that I couldn't function at all. My best guess is that they used factor x as the drug of choice to try and kill me.

In a hemopheliac it saves their life. To someone who doesn't have the condition it causes blood clots thereby indirectly giving the victim a stroke.

I'm not a needle drug user nor have I ever been. I do however have a very nasty scar from plasma donation. To the untrained eye it could possibly appear as though I were a drug addict. This probaly was why my rapist was able to recruit helpers to try and kill me. It's also why he figured that the coroner wouldn't do a tox screen if he could have killed me.

I was tagged trailed in my car at home and to work. It wasn't practical or possible to trail me at work.

How does this happen you ask? The criminal switches the roles. The criminal becomes the victim. Then convinces officials and anyone else they can muster that the victim is in fact the criminal. This goes on in domestic violence situations all the time. Why should the government be any different.

Could I have stopped the break ins? Yes by the use of a set switch. Unfortunately the neighborhood I lived in had teenagers in it. Teenagers being teenagers do some incredibly stupid stunts. I didn't want them to die because of a nonmalicious but stupid act. It's also why I didn't wire my car to fry anyone touching it.


This is your one and only warning.You will pay a price for further intrusion.One you arent prepared to pay I might add.There isnt anything barring me anymore.Understand.

Received 05-05-2004