Tony Desomo


Since I was 2 years old I have been watched and situations around me have been controlled. My first memory of this was when I was 2 years old. My parents took me this building. I remember going on a bus down a road that was by a big lake. We got off the bus and I was put in a stroller and being taken inside this building. Looking back the place they took me was like a hospital. The walls were white, all the people wore surgical masks and there were other kids there sleeping in cribs. Some older than me some younger The adults all spoke in hushed tones and told me I was going to stay there for a few days My mother had me look out the window at this building and told me her and my father would be staying there while the Doctors and Nurses helped me. I remember crying and a nurse wheeling me down a hall then thing was put over my face.

My next memory is in a big house, much bigger that the one we had lived in before. This was in about 1958 We now had a Television, a big shiny car There was a playhouse, a tree house lots of toys and we had a garage that no one was allowed in. My father always parked the car in the driveway. When I asked him why he didn’t put his car in the garage like other Dads he got mad and said” Never to talk about the garage again.”

It was really weird we went from a crappy 3 room walk up, to a big house in a nice new neiborhood. This is where I remember the first voice warning me of me of danger. It told me to defend my self against a boy who was about 9 or 10. He was going to steal the 10 cents my mother had given to me. The boy pushed me down as I hit the ground I saw a chain, I picked it up. The voice just said my name and I hit him. The chain seemed too big but I managed to whip the chain, embedding it in to the boys head.

As a preteen I tried getting in the garage but the doors were locked. Once I climbed on the roof and found vent I could hear muffled voices then a high pitched sound invaded my head I began to black out and slide off the roof and fell into a bush I was scratched, bruised and sprained my arm I told my parents I had fallen off my bike.

Another time when I was 15 I snuck out of the house at 2:00am to meet my girlfriend in the forest by our house.

We met a the fort I had built with my friends when I was 13. We split a mickey of vodka and fooled around. On my way home I saw light coming from the garage and the heard high pitched noise I had heard 4 years before. The closer I came to the garage the louder it became I began to black out and veered away from the garage. I snuck back into the house and passed out.

As for school I found it boring. Some how I knew every I was being taught

Then later on in my early teens I would wake up in my room paralyzed and see shadows of beings in my bedroom looming over me Since I was 2 I hear this thunder like whoosh in my head as I fall asleep. Almost as if a device had been turned off.

I hear my Name being called when ever there is danger. Just my name nothing else.

I have been in numerous life threaten situations. Involving 4 house fires, 2 shootings and numerous assaults. I have always have been warned by hearing my name.

I then react in ways I thought I could never perform. In all these situations I came out completely unscathed. No physical scars or no legal problems.

It’s as if I am put in these situations by some outside force and watched as I react to them. Just as the final moment arrives I am warned.

In school (I went to the same grade school from Kindergarten to Grade 8) I was often taken to a special room and tested. Each year I had to do a series of physical and metal reaction test. The testers would question me about my gut feeling, my instinct and how I figured things out. Did I think them out or just react? I can’t remember any other students having to do there test

I feel like I am in a test tube being watched.

Even today in my late forties, I can sense impending doom. Hearing my name when anything negative happens from radar traps to bad business decisions.

3 - 17 2003 Received