Jeff Evans


Received 03-09-2004 e-mail:

Hello, I have been violated by my perpetrators for two months. They are spying on me with spycams into my apartment from an ajacent apartment. They are following me with tracking technology and are also using a microwave beam on me when I am in my apartment.

I am beginning to have serious health problems as a result of the microwave being used against me.

Could someone please call me as I think these people have all my information concerning my email. But I also know that they have been trying to scan my cellphone and are able to knock me off my conversations when I'm on the phone. My number is 813-731-7835, My PO Box is, 291853 tampa, Florida 33687. My home address is 9302 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd apt. 612 Tampa, Florida 33610.

Please send any mail to my PO Box. They are trying real hard to keep me from making contact with any parties that can help me with this situation.

Thans, Jeff Evans

Received 03-09-2004 Hello, I almost forgot in my last email to you. The direction of where these attacks are comming from is apartment 622 and 621 of the Sabal Park Apartment complex.

The management of the complex can give more information about the oppcupants of these apartments and further info but it might require a court order I really do not know for sure.

I believe the persons name who is responsible for these attacks is Ron Smith!

Thanks, Jeff Evans

Received 03-12-2004 Yes, I sent an email a week ago about the people who are using the electronic equipment against me in my apartment from an apartment above the one I am living in.

It seems that the sheriffs department arrested one of these people. I am not sure of the charges against him at this time, or if in fact it is even in any way related to what is going on with me.

I know he switched apartments with his son Jason Smith and his sons girlfriend, and the apartment is now in his girlfriends name ( and Ron Smith is the co- signer on the apartment) (Apt.622).

But I do know that this guy they arrested is the father of the person that lives in the apartment above me and his name is Jason Smith and this is the person who is using this technology against me. They are still watching me in my apartment with the spy cameras that are attched to this device that has the microwave generator and transmitter on it, and he is still beamming me with this thing and the reason I know this is that I have seen this device, when they tried to get it out of their apartment the morning after I had a sweep done on my apartment by a local person whom is qualified to do just that and does this sort of work for a living here in this area.

I saw this guys father bring the device downstairs and put it into his vechicle and put a blanket over it to hide it in case law enforcement came to check out what was going on in apartment 622 where they are using it from.

I guess they thought that the person I had come in to do the sweep was somehow connected to the law.

But as I said before these people are still using this thing against me and it is effecting my health in a negative way as my blood pressure has risen to a dangerous level as I was checked out by my primary care physician a couple of weeks ago and they gave me high bolld pressure medications to help lower my blood pressure.

Before these people started using this technology against me my blood pressure was always normal and I was in good health before these attacks against me. I am having serious headaches all the time especilly when they are using this thing on me when I am in my apartment. My eyes hurt and itch constantly, my vision has been affected and gotten worse since, and I am having various problems with my health. I went to a eye doctor and he sees something going on with my eyes that he cannot explain to me yet and has requested me to go to another eye doctor of his choosing to get his opinion as to what is going on with my eyes.

I know for a fact that some of these devices have probablly been taken from the local air force base here in Tampa.

I do think that they have broken into my apartment at night while I was sleeping after they kept me awake for several days of constant harrassment and druged me somehow and put some kind of tracking device into my body in order to be able to follow me.

As I have already had my car checked of any type of GPS devices and we found none at the time. But they still seem to know where I am at and are some how able to dispatch someone to my location to see what I am up to.

If there is any way you get someone to go to the apartment where they have this equipment set up and have it removed and the people arrested it would be a great help to me as I do not think I can go through this much longer.

They are set up in apartment 622 at 9302 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Tampa, Florida 33610.

Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated,

Sincerely, Jeff Evans

Received 03-16-2004 There is this guy by the name of Jason that lives upstairs from my apartment and he keeps beaming me with this microwave unit thats attached to a spy unit thats being used to watch me with in my apartment.

I live at 9302 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd apt 612 Tampa, Florida 33610 See if someone can come and check this agressive attack against me out, as it is taking its toll on my health. It is deffinitely elestronic harrasment, oh and he is also following me around with some sort of tracking device.

Thank you, Jeff Evans

Received 03-17-2004 Hello, Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that things are improving as the sheriffs office came into the appartment abovr mine the other day and are taking care of things as we speak. Or at least I think they are following up on things.

I was not able to get a responce from Sheila, as I did leave a voice mail with her from my phone call the other day. Maybe she just has not had the time to contact me as of yet!

I really appreciate all that you are doing for me.

Thanks, Jeff Evans

Received 03-19-2004 Good morning, I just wanted to get you up to date on my ongoing problem with the electronic harassment from the apartment above mine.

Jason was using the microwave unit on me again last night as he usually does every night. My head is ringing and hurts quite a bit this morning as a result. i am having a hard time with my being able to relieve myself now as a result too.

I think he is getting ready to use it again now that he sees that I am trying to send this message to you.

I can hear what he is saying to some degree through the floor of the apartment upstairs. wait here he comes I can hear the weight of the generator as he sits it down on the floor of the apartment. I got to go now.