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Not sure if i'm mad or under surveillance. If i'm under surveillance then i'm probably at the early stages

Started off upset about a break up with my boyfriend, shifted and started having trouble sleeping and upset at work which caused tension between me and my manager, took a week off for my birthday. When I got back to work manager had an attitude (probably thought I hadn't cleared my head)her bullying caused me to be upset. Ended up out of character and kicking a door. Ended up getting a psych evaluation, they didn't want to put a label on me, although prescribed me lithium.

After a few years stopped taking it and was fine for awhile but about a year later started getting paranoid that I was being watched and being mocked by the radio.

Got a night time job and was enjoying it, then had two family members move into my one bedroom flat 'temporarily', didn't feel comfortable going to sleep after a couple of days was going to a party with a friend who suggested I drive on the motorway without my lights on so I could speed, pulled up to some cops and pulled over.

Had some marijuana in the car got taken to the police station and questioned then put into cell overnight, started to wig out, in the morning taken to hospital for a psych evaluation, ended up in psych hospital & met a guy who introduced me to his perception of things (schizophrenic).

Got things under control with medication, but could never quite rule out the feeling that I was being watched and being mocked by the radio, this spread to people knowing what I did without being around me.

I now get it from the tv, but its not just live feeds, its also past programmes. I've wondered why so many Mentally ill people often have the same ideas, now I'm just confused and would like to find a way to jam electro-whatsit without looking like a complete nutter.

Received 03-03-2004