Robert Blackwell


A blessing in disguise knowing now that i am not alone!!!

Ever since I was a child being born in a new era of communication in the 70's. I felt a experiment done on myself beyond my control I have a scar on my forehead that was explained I fell when I was younger but the other scare I have is bump/scare with a circle below it. So what is this other scar?

I began to hear voices and seeing shadows when I was about 8 or 9 I told my parents and they took me to a local church and the priest said I was demonically oppressed. That is a scary statement for a child but I knew different.

Now being 27 I know that I was a gueinpig for some freak experiment that the general public doesn't know about. Why me god why me?

I have dabbled in many faiths and come to a understanding I am special. I now know that I am not alone, this site is a god send.

I feel like I have been manipulated my whole life, I have been in and out of jail for menial things. Mostly due to the voice in my head. Doctors have a field day analyzing me, but as I grew older I had to tell them what they wanted to hear so that I could have a NORMAL life.

I live with this chip in my head and it makes me often wonder why me why did I get chosen.

I was adopted when I was younger taken away by catholic social services from my biological family as a infant for neglect and abuse, it was then I believe I was planted.

I need help with this I need closure facts. I will find the person behind all this madness, and I feel sorry for being agnostic but I do feel that it is a double negative being in a freedom country that has stripped me from day one of that.

What did I do to deserve such treatment? On a final thought I know that everyone of us will prevail in the end of this madness and unit against this infirmity.

Please contact me for further details on how I have been manipulated and my experiences with this curse.

Received 08-03-2004