Hellos, or should I say, Aloha.
Since this is where, (Hawaii) I began struggling with this monstrous situation. I am in it deep! I've been to the cops about it, the FBI, no one helps me. The only person I have on my side is Alex Trebek from Jeopardy fame. They have been doing material about me almost daily for months now, though it is slowing down. Long Story.

My name is DME, might have heard about me. More on that later. Anyhow it's good to be able to talk to someone that has been thru some same crap as me. Now as far as these "implants" are concerned , I believe it! You see, I've been able to communicate with people on TV, even if the show isn't live. It's the weirdest thing. They'll actually answer me back, look at the camera and nod or other things. Other people have noticed it too and it freaks them out. I began noticing this in 1998.

I had a seizure and was taken to the hospital. The following day, my neighbor came to visit me. He works for the army, use to work on Haleakala (a 10,000 ft.volcano on the island of Maui). I was slightly drugged when he visited. I believe this was so I wasn't suppose to think clearly as I was about to experience a bizarre piece of technology the government has possession of. Jim (my neighbor) placed this small object behind my right ear as I lay in bed. It just stuck these like a magnet to a fridge. It was black and triangular in shape. Then he put one behind his ear and we proceeded to have a conversation telepathically. It freaked me out. He told me to relax. I did somewhat. Then I wondered about this device. The purpose of it. Reading minds? What was the government up to. Then I thought that this has to be some sort of reverse technology, like maybe it came from some of the downed UFO's at Roswell, I don't know, I was reaching for straws, trying to understand this device. It was a short visit, Jim took the devices off and put them in his pocket. I never asked him later about it cause I think he would just say I was imagining things, the drugs or something. Yeah right. I was use to this kind of behavior. I was/am in the middle of a major conspiracy. It started in Hawaii. I was video taped in private and house bugged. The drug and gay community did this to me, cause I "narced" on a friend who screwed me over. But that's a whole other story.

I have read some of the stories from others and they make sense to me. In fact a lot of things are coming together. I've told my parents I have an implant in my head. But they think I'm just schizophrenic,(currently on zyprexa-doesn't do a damn thing). I don't know how Hollywood can do it, but whatever device they have can travel in time. In other words a show is taped in the afternoon, then I watch it at night, and we are communicating back and forth. Weird. I have hours of confirmation on tape and in a diary. This is why my house is repeatedly broken into cause other people see DE or initials of my name in movies like..Ocean's Eleven The new one and the old one. If you view the new one, you'll come to a part in the beginning where George Clooney and Brad Pitt are talking in front of a bank vault. To the left of Brad's head are the initials D M. to the right of his head is ELIS. D.M. Ellis. Me! On the old Oceans Eleven there are remarks about David, (the psalm of), Ellis(KLAS-for the news camera) Dean Martin is from Hawaii, the masonic eye in the chapel, etc. What really freaked me out was that the original Oceans Eleven was made two years before I was born! I've seen a lot of old movies and there is my name and secret designs, like the hexagon, Star of David, etc. (sound of Music inparticular). The new movies include, Lilo and Stitch (LS) and one of the main characters is named David, now in Hawaii, David is uncommon, they use Kawika instead for David. Kate and Leopold Hugh Jackman says in one part of the movie his name is Blah blah Elias, Elijah, they both mean the same thing. Ellis or Alice as in Wonderland, then he mentions going to the Louvre and viewing art, by Michaelangelo and David. Now David the artist was a minor artist, not that well known, they mentioned Michaelangelo and David twice! Spider man they mentioned Michaelangelo twice. Notting Hill LS is seen for Les Miserables.The original Doctor Dolittle you'll see LOS in background when Rex Harrison is trying to bargain with the circus owner. LOS is placed between their heads. Then what really freaked me out was Dr. StrangeLove, the part where they decoded the password for the bomb, POE, or Peace on Earth. I drew a drawing of it in 1998, never seen Dr. StrangeLove before and it was drawn almost identical to my drawing. So...they must have some type of device to see into the future thru my eyes. There's also this new movie which I haven't seen called I Spy, or Spy Games I forget, but they use a device similar to the one I experienced. I have talked in length about this device and then Hollywood comes out with a movie based on it, they are trying to save their asses. Major coverup. And it's pissing me off.

Besides all that, my house has been repeatedly broken into, food tainted with strange Hallucinagenics, (they are trying to freak me out so I'll kill myself). The dreams I have had are now on TV. Baby Back Ribs is one of them, they are standing infront of a red curtain, that's a dream I had that was planted in my brain, I was asking to see God and another me appeared then told me I had to answer two questions, I don't know why but I said I knew them. Then my "other" self was perplexed and said I should answer two more questions, I said OK and then I heard someone cough real loud and pressed on his car horn for like a minute. To wake me up, they didn't want me to see God.

I believe I got further than most people cause I got a link-up to God, he's no stranger to me. This just gets more and more interesting, and disturbing.

I wrote the local news station about this and a gay magazine called BUZZ. They have been doing material for the last couple of months on me in their crossword puzzle at the end of the magazine. I have saved them for evidence. I have heard nothing from either the magazine or the news.

I don't know why, this is the story of the new century. I don't know whether I should go public about this or not, maybe not using my name? Write it anonymously? Let me know what you think the best avenue is. Thanks

I feel like a guinea pig. I hate this. Today I've seriously thought about suicide. I want out of this life. What a complete nightmare it's been .

Here's what I know. I have witnessed a device put behind your ear and are able to communicate with someone with the same device. Telepathecally.

I witnessed this twice in Hawaii. Once at the airport. I was going back to California cause I was being followed and watched in Hawaii. Really crazy stuff. I noticed these two people sitting across from me. They would glance and watch me when they didn't think I was looking their way. I was using peripheral vision. And noticed them putting something behind their ears.

I experienced this type of device while hospitalized on Maui in 1998.It's about a half inch in diameter, black, and triangular, with smooth edges, rounded. People can talk back and forth to each other with these things.

What really got me about the site I found your address on was that they are infiltrating people's dreams. This happened to me several months ago, and now I'm not sure if it hasn't been done to me for a long time now.I too had a dream about being in jail. A strange jail though. I saw my parents there in a room that was like glass, in fact everyone lived in these see through flats. I couldn't find mine. My key didn't work in any of the locks, until I went to the bottom floor and found a pretty tree with a cottage built into it. It was old and dusty and had a sign that read Mystic Angel on it. I put my key in the lock and the door opened. It must be my place I thought, then I was seized by the arm by a woman cop. She didn't act human though. More robotic. Alien perhaps. Then I awoke. I've had other strange dreams that others have.

Now songs are beginning to make sense to me. Like left and right. Black and white.

I was shown a dream where I was put in front of a partition. 8 ft. x 10 ft. perhaps, and red. Then a naked me came out from the left side of the curtain. I asked to see God because he was behind the curtain. My better self said I had to answer two questions. I said I knew them already, he stumbled and then said I have to ask you two more questions. I said fine, what are they, then I was awoken by a car horn outside my window. I knew "they" had woken me up early. I believe they were doing this to test me. And I think I passed. I was going through all these tests.

They are unsure as to where Christ sits. The Bible says to the right of God. Is it God's right? NO! His left,cause no one is able to sit behind God, Michael sits to the right, Gods left side. Michael/Christ are one in the same. I have studied metaphysics for years. I have found out alot of interesting things.

I think this is enough for you to read for now, email back and give me some insight. It's nice not to be alone. This is a major scam the government is doing. They I believe are doing this with the help of Aliens, abduct people in lieu of technology exchange.

Bastards. I can't wait till I die, so this is over. I've often wondered about certain lyrics, one comes to mind by PIL ex-Sex Pistol, Johnny Lydon aka Rotten. A lyric in his song, "there'll be no more war, no more choice". It's because the government and the media put musicians thru some brain wash, Johnny probably knows aboot these devices. Just think, if everyone had a device like this in there heads, they could be controlled.

You would know if someone was about to do something evil before it happened. Strange world we will live in. There's some interesting books out there, one is called the Biggest Secret by David Icke, a little whacky, but who knows what's reality?

Oh yeah, and the government can see into the future thru peoples eyes with these implants, so they knew about 9/11, why do you think George was "hiding" out in his brothers state of Florida. Innocently reading books to children. What a sham!

Received 2-16-2003