Takahiro Goto


Hello, my name is Takahiro Goto. I am a Japanese victim of mind control. I was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1974.

It seems surveillance on me already began in the 80s. I received many bizarre comments relating to my personal data by university professors since I entered Kyoto university in 1992. Also every sort of media, TV, radio, news papers, magazines, songs, commercials, computer games etc., have been utilized in my experiment since around 1990.

Even though they frequently made me feel strange, I had never imagined I was under surveillance until August 1998 when NHK TV commentator explicitly made statements on my behaviour. I soon realized my thought is being read. It was (and still it is for many Japanese people) almost impossible to get any information about mind control experiment in Japan .

For about five years I had lived in much confusion and dread. I had been suffering many severe harassments by professors and graduate students in the graduate school of mathematics in Hokkaido university. Many my old friends also took part in the experiment. Helicopters began to buzz around me since 2001. My privacy is almost destroyed.

I had no choice but to get away from any source of media and people for more than one year. I am getting recovered from the psychological damage through activities in Mind- Control Victims Association of Japan.

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Received 12-30-2003

Update 06-07-2004
I am a victim of thought reading and a massive amount of harassment based on it. I also received violent humiliation by many people.

I was born in Sapporo Hokkaido Japan in 1974. It seems I have been under surveillance for a very long time. I have been harassed mainly by people in universities and by media. I had never known any kind of these mind intruding phenomena until August 9 1998 when I met harassment explicitly based on spy data on a TV program of NHK educational channel. I was forced to be aware that I am under surveillance and I had to live with tremendous fear and confusion since then. I met harassments by media daily. Many people in universities are also involved.

I had been severely oppressed by fear of surveillance in subsequent five years. I became unable to make my own decisions and I almost lost that period. I also had met with intensive stress attacks by helicopter buzzing and ambulance sirens. Although I was in danger of my life, I couldn’t get any help by people including my parents. A counselor for human rights and people whom I had trusted were violent to me.

I had been tortured alone until I joined the Mind Control Victims Association of Japan in November 2003. I met many people who claim to be brain voice victims. I don’t receive voice to scull but I found styles of harassments are much in common with my cases. I read many articles on this cruel experiment and things become much clearer. It is necessary and I believe it is possible to stop this atrocity in some years. There is no importance in this torture. We should not sacrifice human lives any more.

My homepage, “STOP Mind Control”
E-Mail : cgm97954@biglobe.ne.jp

Deprivation of freedom of mind is deprivation of life

Mental activity is what distinguishes human beings from machinery. If we are deprived of freedom of mind, we are deprived of all liberties, liberty of speech, thoughts, beliefs and body. I had been satellite imprisoned for more than five years and I lost most of my opportunities. I had always been in the threat of thought reading and I couldn’t even thought to resist. Mind invaders can uproot subjects’ life. This crime is the worst what has ever been invented in human history.

My analysis on verbal harassments

Targets are extensively surveyed and their behavior, customs, contents and patterns of thinking and traumatic experiences are fully analyzed, therefore, mind aggressors are able to oppress them quite effectively, for example by re-arrangement of traumatic experiences. It is often the case with victims that they are occasionally abused ethically and their thoughts are badly affected by professionals in sociology and psychology in ways they can not understand explicitly.

Vast discrimination of victims in communities

The negligence of victims by medicine and legal profession is a crucial ingredient of this experiment. If victims can get their helps, the whole experiment will collapse. If the purpose of the experiment is like deliberate creation of D.I.D. as Colin A. Ross write in his book “BLUEBIRD”, victims should be tortured, literary to death. Human brain is not easily broken like pouring water on laptop. Discrimination in society thus becomes indispensable and also it is most cruel to victims.

I seek remedies for this situation. Apart from those professionals, why does general public tend to discriminate victims? Is it beneficial for them to do so? Or do they become so foolish to make their own decisions? I suppose people are unable to imagine this slaughter because they are too much socialized and live in security.

I think of a strategy. Mind control technologies are developed covertly too long and they are already highly completed. It may be better to introduce public old scientific desire for these technologies before 60s or 70s independently not referring to this mishap brought in consequence. It looks to me it is not very difficult for scientific occupations to understand these technologies in essence. It is also possible for many people to have the same view points with ours if only they are willing to. I expect people realize we should abandon this world of hypocrites and get control of weapons within our hands.

Media disinformation

As a media victim I found their information is quite untrue. They can arrange artificial crimes or accidents just to make us upset. Why do you think TV and radio programs are inexpensive? I think it’s because they are almost no good for us (in general) and even harmful. They are for the governments and big companies, in their nature, so people have to watch them very judiciously. I even regard evening news programs are not much different from Fox entertainments. Also we should be careful in Internet surfing, there are full of disinformation on Internet, too. I recommend people, especially here in Japan, send more information to the world and break this Berlin Wall of media for our future.

Information travel beyond time

Media often used time control tricks on me. They have been sorts of attraction and big causes of confusion for me. Here are examples,

1. They can respond to my question through recorded programs.

2. What I (and maybe you) say in commercial time can affect the next opening of programs in a very peculiar way.

3. They can survey what I do, see and hear beforehand and show me very quickly what they have surveyed on newspapers, as questions in quiz shows and so on. This is impossible if they don’t have means of time manipulations.

4. Video and DVD can tell what there is in my room, what I have in my hand and so on.

5. Also time control is indispensable because they have to know targets’ schedules in order not to fail harassing individuals.

Those phenomena made me lose the sense of reality and affected my senses of values very badly because they apparently contradict what I learned in universities and books on physics. I don’t know what time control really mean.


I was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan in 1974. I suppose media mind control experiment on me already began around 1986. I remember many peculiar events and it seems they already became prevalent in 1989. My preferences are feed backed in media in many cases. I don’t know what that affected me but they might strengthen my sense of reality in the world they supply. Some programs influenced my thought badly and made unusual coincidences.

I remember I met bizarre comments no sooner than I entered the science faculty of Kyoto University in 1992. It looks as if I was admitted there as a human guinea pig. I can specify lecturers who are involved in mind control harassments from 1993 to 1997, which includes mathematicians, physicists, linguists, sociologists and researchers in informatics. Some of them are worldwide famous and their name may appear in your textbooks. It was lucky I was so insensitive that I had not been explicitly aware of this targeting while I was there.

I had electronic like shock on my head in November 1996 and I became maniac. I remember there were some peculiar events before I was sent to a hospital. I remember talked with some strangers, somehow they knew about me. A man threatened me, “if you say what you are thinking now, you are criminal.” His other comment revealed he knew my thought. I stay in a hospital for three months. Media seemed to be eager to trick me in that period though television, news papers and magazines but I just felt it was funny. Also there are some traces my spied data was spread to a few patients.

I became deeply depressive as soon as I got back to Hokkaido. I consulted a doctor every month but treatments for me always took only one minute, the doctor just saying “you’ll be fine.” They didn’t help me at all, rather made me worse. Moreover, I had not been even told I was depressive. I could have bought appropriate drugs on Internet if I had known the name of illness. I remember media were occasionally involved in harassment in that period but I didn’t have any idea of remote spying, much less any concepts of mind reading technologies.

I was forced to be aware of surveillance by a TV program in NHK educational channel in August 1998 when they described explicitly what they spied on me, in that program. I had to live with tremendous fear of surveillance and mind intrusion since then. I had never imagined any sort of PSI technologies would have existed. I misunderstood that they were newly developed and that it was those technologies what were experimented. I even mistook they gave me special information to cheer me up because I had been too depressive. Messages in my head appeared on newspapers, on TV and radio programs and in commercials daily. I was always speaking in my head, in doing so I thought it would help to camouflage my true ideas and feelings. Probably that effort didn’t work and I suffered a migraine in the left of brain as a result. I had traumatic memory of a closed psychiatric ward and I kept silent on PSI surveillance. I also extremely feared my privacy be leaked to people around me. My mind was dominated by continual invasions and threats. My thought became obedient and I could not, even think to, resist. Media had been very powerful in my mindscape. That continued to around 2002.

I entered graduate school of mathematics in Hokkaido University in 1999. I didn’t know but I was still a depressive figure. In the first year I was sometimes harassed by several professors there and visitors from other universities in Japan and in the US in their lectures and in parties. It seems they were very cautious to examine my reactions then. In the next year many more people, including graduate students and old friends, got involved in harassing me. I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want to lose my privacy. I stayed there as if nothing was going on.

The situation even got worse in 2001, I was always stalked by a vulgar ex-graduate student and it made me difficult to continue my work there. My personality was in danger by frequent invasions. Helicopters buzzed above me when I was in my home and I walked in town, which damaged me quite effectively because I had some fear of sound. They came to appear many times a day in formation in 2002 flying at very low altitude. I sensed huge low sound vibrate my body and house. Ambulances took part in harassments in 2003. They made sirens every two hours wherever I went. I became deeply depressive again.

I made every effort to get away from any source of media information since 2002. This was not very easy because they can take advantage of every connection in harassments. I gradually retrieved freedom in mind and I could call for a help to my parents in 2003. Their attitude was violent to me nevertheless. They wouldn’t listen to me. I had to keep crying and shouting till my throat wouldn’t produce sound. They are apparently not innocent. They may be abetted by criminals in good odds, possibly by some people concerning the famous pharmacy company they work for. I was brought up in low cultural standards and they probably can’t make right decisions.

I tried to ask for a help to a counselor for human rights at administration of law. His attitude was also violent, he told no one would help me. That caused me PTSD. I often became hard to walk in town by sudden flash backs. I met a high school teacher who had made harassment before to find out where he had got spy data from. He told he forgot what he had said and I even harassed at that event. I was completely desperate and I became unable to get home. I wandered around for more than a month around Tokyo suffering severe flash backs. I became unable to sense pains and I nearly committed suicide. Harassments by radios on street and in shops, TV, Internet, helicopters and ambulances never ceased for that period. All I wished was to eliminate some enemies before I would not exist any longer.

I found a paper on psychiatric diagnosis criteria on Internet by chance and I thought it would be best suited to persuade my parents. I retrieved some hope. I translated the whole document to send home, suffering flash backs occasionally. I found their attitude had not changed essentially when I got home, but I understood there is a chance. I participated in Japanese mind control victims association in November 2003. I felt better to find many other victims of the same sort. My understanding on this problem has been gradually improved by reading many articles. The fear of surveillance is much decreased knowing what their purposes are after all.

Unexpectedly I still survive. My internal pressure is much lowered and I become able to do some work. It is important never to increase victims in this cruel operation. I don’t have clear view to end this terror yet but I believe it won’t last long. I know it is difficult for many people to live with this torture. I have to continue addressing to people involved and not involved in this problem. Although there are many disturbances in front of us, we can do stop the experiment if we work at best. I would do anything to settle this.

June 7, 2004.
Takahiro Goto