The Crime used by an electric wave  Japanese 

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 This website charges the crime using an electric wave in Japan. I'am one of the victims of the crime . I appeal the method of solution of this crime.

 I am not good at English well. If you find wrong words in my site, please contact with me .

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  What is the cause ?

  How to defence ? NEW Jan,25,2005

 -- My damage experience 
 -- The feature of this crime in Japan 
 -- How to solve the crime
 -- The criminal recognition
 -- Prevent crime
 -- Aid for the vitims
 -- A national policy
 -- Legal establishment
 -- Bouilding up the National police
 -- Recovery of Human rigthts  (4/25)
 -- Policy of Medical cure (5/17)


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Human rights of Victims of the crime using by electric waves
(2/13-10/27,2003 My Old site in Japan.)
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About Electric wave crime(EWC)

Electric wave crime (EWC)
  Acutual case in Japan
  Damage condition
  Criminal tecnique
  History of EWC
  About the criminal
  Criminal psycholgy

Criminal measure
Criminal measure
  Measure of individual
  Go to police
  Get evidence
  Detect electric waves
  Search for the criminal

Criminal science
Sort of electric wave
  Criminal tecnique and  theory
  Theory of defense
  Defencive device
  Tapping theory
  Mind control theory
  Is it supersonic wave?
  Patents tecnique

Action to prevent it
Action to prevent it
  Pollution of electric waves
  No crime city
  Goal(objective)of solution
  Appeal to mass media
  Cooperate with politician
  Organization of crime  prevention

Recovery from damage
A,Defensive measure
  list of defenses
  Defense Q&A
   Hidden site of criminal
   Talking inside a head
   Electric wire

B,Medical cure
Medical condition
  Body cure
  Mental cure
   Wrong diagnosis
    Prevent it
  Research injurity
  Right diagnosis

National policy
National policy
  Research EWC
  Determine policy
  Cooperate with  politician
  Project of  prevention crime
  Electric waves guard system
  Electric waves defense system
  Protect nature environment 
  National compensation

Build up Police
  Prevent EWC by education

   Recognize victims
  Regenertion of criminal

Request document list
  National measure
  Human rights  recovery
  Victims relief
  Broadcast ethic  regulation
  Research criminal condition
  Research damage condition
  Misdiagnosis  prevention

indicator of  punishment
  EWC related bill
  Revision of  broadcasting law
  Revision of electromagnetic wave standard
  Victim  compensation

Victim's human rights
  My case of  infinge 
  Abuse it In Japan
  Human rights  relief
  Victim's human  rights recoverly  declaration

Victim support
Victim's real image
  Victim support
  Victim  compensation
  Calculate compensation

  Victim guide

  Consaltation form
  Consaltation Q&A

Future view
Future view
  Schedule of solution

  Subversion Law application

  Bibliography Data
  How to get data

About me

My damage experience  My principle  About me Q&A

EWC crisis on business Manegement
Paper ,Opinion

  EWC crisis Manegement Manual on business
1. If criminal shower electric wave over your shop?
2. If your employee does EWC?
3. If your employee does EWC his home?
4. If a celebrity does EWC?
5. If a athlete of your company suffer EWC?
6. EWC mesure for profession
7. New business about new electric wave techniqu
8. New business abut new electric wave tecniqu 2
9. Business about Defense goods
10. Overcome depression of EWC
11. Protect company from exposure from the inside

  EWC is happen in television station
  Mass media reports EWC too late
  For journalists

 For EWC victims
Is EWC a plot?

Novel concerned EWC 

  Hinomaruman and Redflagman
  Temaptation EWC
  Vigilance committee
  News EWC 1
  News ewc2
  Criminal accusation(comedy)

EWC victim go hospital
News EWC(cimedy)
Is mass media villain?
Restructuring and EWC
Stockholm syndrome
Criminal action(comedy)
EWC busters
End of EWC crimminal
Watch EWC From future
Tapping diary(comedy)
Too bad (comedy)
Rsearch by radar
Movie scenario
Hunt EWC criminal

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