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Times when I am all alone
Standing by myself
Feel the love surrounding me
In quietness such wealth

Is it me who feels this love
Or am I standing by
Wishing that the world will change
Heaving sorrow's sigh

Think about the suffering
Want to ease the pain
Each day a different torment
That stings like acid rain

Walking in this peacefulness
Within this place so bound
Quiet and such peacefulness
With eyes closed love is found

Air that brushes past my face
All filled with scented air
Within my soul I reach so deep
Repeat the words I share

Come with me to peacefulness
I touch your furrowed brow
Within our life this miracle
All hands be gathered now.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©2001, used with permission
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Please remember the mind control victims this Sept. 11

On this coming Sept. 11 anniversary the nation will be remembering the victims of the World Trade Center attack. My heart and sympathies go out to these victims, their families, and friends.

There is another group of victims of domestic terrorism in the US that I would sincerely ask you to also remember, just for a moment, on this Sept. 11. These people are commonly known as mind control victims, and the perpetrator of the domestic terrorism was in most cases the US government.

Unlike other victims of terrorism and torture, these victims are almost totally ignored -- if not further harassed for speaking out. There are *known and documented* victims such as the victims of the CIA's MKULTRA project. The CIA is still covering up these crimes even decades later as it claims to be protecting us from terrorism. There are other victims we know are out there because the secret projects like BLUEBIRD are known to have been conducted. There are many credible victims describing similar sorts of harassment -- up to the present -- and whose claims cannot even receive a fair hearing in the US.

These mind control victims are domestic American citizens (though there are international victims also). They have families and friends and acquaintances. They wore born with the same unalienable rights we are all supposed to have. In my view it is no disrespect to the victims of the World Trade Center attack to ask people to please remember the mind control victims and other victims of domestic human rights abuses for just a moment on Sept. 11.

[For more information, there are various credible web sites on the subject -- among the many disinformation and misinformation sites. These sites list further books and references. I encourage you to please pass this notice along in email or repost it so more people get the word.]

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I Said A Prayer For You Today

I said a prayer for you today,

And know God must have heard.

I felt the answer in my heart

Although He spoke no word.

I didn't ask for wealth or fame,

I knew you wouldn't mind.

I asked Him to send treasures

Of a far more lasting kind.

I asked that He'd be near you

At the start of each new day,

To grant you health and blessings

And friends to share your way.

I asked for happiness for you

In all things great and small,

But it was for His loving care

I prayed the most of all.

Author Unknown



Give Us Hearts to Understand

Give us hearts to understand;

Never to take from our life all that we have;

never to destroy wantonly for the furtherance of greed;

Never to deny to our God's given right;

never to take from us what we do not give.

Give us hearts to understand

That to destroy our daily life creates confusion;

That to callously continue in the abuse;

that as we continue to fight for truth.

We have NOT forgotten who we are.

We have sought only for our security.

We have been exploited for whatever ends.

They have tried to distorted our knowledge.

They have abused their own power.

Great Spirit, whose heart hears our pleas,

Help us to find the way to end this abuse.

Great Spirit, whose wisdom knows the answer,

help us to find the way for others to understand.

Great Spirit, whose love speads to all,

help us to find the way to restore our lives to tranquility.

Great Spirit, whose creatures are being destroyed,

help us to find a way to strengthen them.

Great Spirit, whose gifts to us are being lost in selfishness and corruption,

help us to find the way to restore our humanity.

Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the wind,

whose breath gives life to the world, hear me;

I need your strength and wisdom.

May I walk in Beauty.



The song is an original composition entitled Tears On A Rose by composer and performer Elan Michaels
Please feel free to visit his wonderful site right HERE