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VISITOR: This is the original "Mind Control Forum" web site, which began in the mid-1990s as the creation of Ed Light, and has changed hands since that time. This site is perhaps the largest repository of information about the phase of "mind control" crimes which began after the MKULTRA crimes were exposed in the U.S. Senate in the 1970s.

I, Eleanor White, picked this site up when Vicky Kindhart, who maintained and expanded Ed's original material substantially, had to move on as a result of other needs on her time and strength, in November 2009.

This current-day crime is actually more than "mind control" itself, and is often referred to as "organized stalking and electronic harassment," (OS/EH), along with other terms which refer to more than just the mind control/mind influence portion of the crime.

In my experience as an activist, calling the OS/EH crime "mind control" causes serious credibility problems because the public tends to regard "mind control" as something that is not real, and should be ridiculed. However, this huge repository of targets' testimonials and other information will be kept available for serious researchers.

I do NOT recommend linking to either this "Mind Control Forum" or my raven1.net web sites, in your materials or sites intended for the unaware general public. "Unaware" meaning those who have never heard of the crime of OS/EH. Flyers are first contact material for the unaware, for example.

Save the detailed mind control information for serious discussions with people who are already aware of OS/EH and are interested in knowing more of the truth.

Here below is a diagram showing the visitor how the specific form of electronic harassment called "mind control" fits in with the full crime of OS/EH:

Special thanks to Ed Light, Vicky Kindhart and others who have shepherded this huge collection of information over the past decade!

NOTE: Due to weak health, I am NOT able to handle requests for addition of or changes to the posted materials on this MCF site. The trend is now for targets to use free blogs to post their stories and images, so this should not cause difficulties for targets wishing to make their stories, news, and viewpoints public.

Eleanor White

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